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Ovation: Pizza By The Slice At Pizza Hut!


PizzaHutA very long time ago, when I was still a smoker, we were allowed to smoke at our desks in the office.  I was terribly addicted and usually had a cigarette burning throughout the day.  Always trying to be considerate of those around me, I would balance a clipboard on the corner of the wastebasket that I kept beneath my desk where I would place an ash tray.  (One day the clipboard fell into the wastebasket and started a small fire that required three cups of coffee to douse … but that’s a story for another day.)

Eventually, smoking was forbidden inside the office building and I, like all the other smokers working for the company, looked for any excuse to run an errand outside the office.  It was at this time that my boss and I developed our “you buy and I fly” lunch routine.  He would hand me a twenty dollar bill and I would venture out into the city to buy lunch to bring back for the two of us.  One of our favorite lunch spots was a little hole-in-the-wall pizza place that served pizza by the slice.

It was run by an Italian family who would arrive early in the morning to make several large, New York Style pizzas and place them under glass for customers to see.  As they entered the store, they would make their selection, a worker would place their slice into a hot oven within arms’ reach and by the time they reached the cash register to pay for their lunch it would be hot and ready.  It was always delicious.

This week, to keep up with competition, Pizza Hut has announced plans to start offering pizza by the slice for the first time.  Two test locations, one in York, Nebraska and the other in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, will begin selling slices for between two and three dollars each.  They’ll be made with new recipes more in line with the thinner pies sold in the Northeast, diners will be able to customize their slices like they can at other pizza businesses like Pizzeria Locale and Blaze Pizza, and they’ll be baked faster than the usual Pizza Hut pies that normally take seven to ten minutes to complete.

I love pizza.  It’s always been one of my many diet downfalls but this idea sounds like good news to me.  Any time I get buy and eat only an eighth of something instead of eating the entire thing I feel like I’m at least trying to make a good choice.  So the option to buy pizza by the slice, to me, is the option to buy a smaller portion which is always a good idea.

Do you enjoy pizza by the slice?


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  1. I do. I find myself not overeating. Plus, I may be more inclined to balance it with a salad rather than a second slice.


  2. Unlike! 😦 more work for me…


    • Oh, no!

      I thought of you as I wrote this post and assumed it was an opportunity for you to increase revenue. I suppose, from the other side of the counter, a pizza really becomes eight meals instead of one!


  3. I went to Pizza Hut the other night for the first time and got one of their large pizzas for ten bucks… how can you go wrong, right? It was sooooo good. Our local KFC has a Pizza Hut in it where you can get pan pizzas and breadsticks. I’d never be able to just eat one piece.


    • I hear ya! That’s why I’m thinking it might be good for me to be able to buy by the slice.

      You see, to my way of thinking, a pizza can count as a serving if you really work hard to rationalize. It’s just one pizza after all.


  4. I actually don’t like pizza by the slice. I have never liked the selection available for purchase by the slice. It’s usually got pepperoni on it & I don’t like fatty, overspiced meat on my pizza.


  5. In Montreal it seems there is a pizza-by-the-slice (or ‘point’ as the term is in French) place on every corner. Small chains and one-offs, mom and pop affairs or larger outlets. I assume it is because of this that for as long as I can remember the big guys, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pizza Pizza, and others have been selling pizza by the slice. The key is to keep in mind price as well as quality. In most small places, in Metro stations for instance, you can get two good size ‘points’ and a soft drink for under $5.


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