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Diatribe: An Online Video Tour Of Your Marijuana Garden Should Always Get You Arrested.


MarijuanaLeafI’m what I call “drug illiterate”.  Everything I know about recreational drugs I’ve learned either from reading the news or watching television and movies.  I grew up in a time and place where there were no drugs to be found or my life was completely shielded from those that existed.  For me, as a paranoid teen, the only thing I needed to know was that they were illegal.  As I grew into adulthood I found myself surrounded by like-minded people … those whose biggest fear was being pulled over on the way home from a night on the town, not arrested for possession.

“Give me a six pack, it’s legal and it works!” the guys in the crowd would say.

We never dreamed that someone would one day be so bold as to display a crop of illegally grown marijuana on the internet.  In the video William Bradley asks for donations so he can help other people with terminal cancer by providing them with the drug.

I might be “drug illiterate” but I know that what he’s done isn’t very smart.  He seems to have the best of intentions by wanting to give his extra “medicine” to others who suffer from cancer rather than have the drug fall into the wrong hands but there’s no denying that his enormous forest of plants is in violation of the law.

“Welcome to my beautiful garden.  As you can see, God has gifted me with an abundance and it’s more than I need, so I want to take the extra and give it to people who need the help.” – William Bradley

In the video, Bradley admits to being a criminal and that a recent head injury may be preventing him from making rational decisions.  The Connecticut man has been arrested in the past for possession of marijuana and court records show he pleaded guilty with intent to sell and was sentenced to two years of probation.  After police discovered the video and began investigating earlier this week, they discovered that Bradley had hashish, cocaine, oxycodone, cash and drug paraphernalia in addition to two pounds of marijuana (the immense forest has been harvested since the video was recorded) and charged him with several drug crimes.

Whether well intentioned or not, Bradley’s video was an admission of guilt to a crime punishable by time in prison.  Terminal cancer patient or not, the law is the law and his actions were criminal.  As medicinal, and even recreational, marijuana laws are debated and enacted across the United States, crops like Bradley’s may quietly appear on the landscape.  I don’t imagine, however, that we’ll see them on YouTube with a spokesperson sharing an address.

Do you think Bradley had good intentions?  Or was he just really wasted when he made the video?


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  1. He was probably just wasted & hoped he would get away with it by stating good intentions! I would be careful if i were you though – I commented on a friend’s blog about medical marijuana use & the next day I had a new follower, a drug rehab centre!


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