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Ovation: The Arrival Of Beer Flavored Jelly Beans!


DraftBeerJellyBellyI have a really good friend who is quite the “beer expert”.  He knows all the beer lingo, has tasted beers from around the world and really, seriously, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to enjoying a cold tall one.

Me … not so much.

I can’t tell an expensive imported bottle made from sparkling water that comes from a spring at the base of a magical mountain where unicorns eat marshmallows from a glass at the bottom of a frat house keg on a Sunday morning.  I’ll have a beer, if that’s what everyone else is having, but I don’t care if it’s a draft, light, stout, bottled, imported, lager or a happy hour special in a tiny micro brewery.  It doesn’t matter to me because I really can’t tell the difference.

I do, however, know my jelly beans.  For more than one hundred years, Jelly Belly has been a leading name in the jelly bean industry (one of my all-time favorite sweets is their buttered popcorn jelly bean) and now they’ve finally added beer to their list.

Last Saturday, after three years in the making, Jelly Belly debuted Draft Beer as its newest flavor.

“Our fans have been asking for a beer Jelly Bean for years.  It took a few years to perfect, but we think we got it right.” – Rob Swaigen, Jelly Belly’s vice president of marketing

In honor of Jelly Belly’s German ancestry, the company based the taste of the new flavor to a Hefeweizen ale.  The recipe for the new flavor includes top secret ingredients but no alcohol.

I can see this new flavor becoming quite popular.  I’m certainly going to find some for my beer-loving friend.  I’m thinking they might very well become one of his all-time favorite sweets!


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  1. Well, let’s give it a shot. I guess what is next will be old scotch or bourbon jelly bellies. As long as we stay away from the Harry Potter flavors on ear wax, etc. on their jelly belly knock off.


  2. I’m a big beer fan. With the exception of Guinness, for me there are only two kinds of beer – cold and warm. While I prefer the former, the latter will do in a pinch! But I’d be game to give those jelly beans a shot; with the appropriate peanuts of course. As the late George Carlin once pointed out Beer Nuts is actually a disease found in Milwaukee!


  3. ka person permalink

    Eldest (BS Economics) graduated in the great crash so became a bartender for a number of years. . He will be getting some of these in his (and girlfriend’s – or in CA domestic partner’s) Valentine box if I can track the item down…


  4. I love Jelly Bellies (especially popcorn & caramel corn, candy apple, juicy pear & rootbeer) but I don’t like beer so I would want to taste a beer jelly bean as much as I would want to eat a puke flavored one! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


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