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Diatribe: Biebers, Meet The Lohans And Learn Something.


StopUnderageDrinkingTeenagers have been sneaking drinks from their parents’ liquor cabinets for generations.  They’ve been using fake IDs to buy six-packs to bring back to dorm rooms since six-packs and dorm rooms were first invented.  But the teens of yesterday had something that today’s teens don’t appear to know anything about … the fear of getting caught.  It used to be that teens who got caught drinking before they were of legal age suffered serious consequences at home, at school and sometimes with law enforcement.  “Sneaking a couple of drinks” meant just that … not getting caught.

And now we see their underage pop-star idols, high as kites, drag racing down the streets of Miami in rented exotic sports cars.  As the world now knows, singer Justin Beiber, 19, was arrested this week on charges related to a DUI cocktail of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.  Following a profanity-laced rant, the boy was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and driving on an expired license, all while he was allegedly drag racing.

Every news outlet seemed to cover the story, sharing his mug shot, his posting of bail, and his waving at fans as he was released from his short prison stay, yet very little was said about the fact that he is underage.  This is not the first time the boy has been involved in underage drinking.  In October of last year an investigation ensued after photos emerged of Bieber holding a bottle of beer inside a Texas nightclub and, last July, he was kicked out of a Chicago nightclub by police.

Where are his parents?

Rumors indicate that his father, Jeremy Bieber, 38, may have supplied the adult beverages and even helped block off a road for his son to drag race.  Allegations that the young Bieber gets his prescription pills from his mother, Pattie Mallette, are also running rampant.

Mr. & Mrs. Bieber, have you learned nothing from Dina and Michael Lohan who watched their young daughter, Lindsay, descend from a talented young singer/actress into a shoplifting/rehab-failing/police-blotter/tabloid staple?  Dina and Michael could tell you that it’s common for clubs to admit famous people even before they reach legal age because of the notoriety, attention and fame that they bring to the club.  Some might even alert the tabloids!  They might give your boy drinks.  Imagine the publicity if he gets arrested in front of your bar!

For now, there’s talk about an investigation and more charges brought against whoever provided young Bieber with the drugs and booze that got him into trouble this time.  When celebrities are involved, police have more incentive to conduct more thorough investigations because of the greater exposure created by the stars.  Of course, Bieber will probably suffer from a case of affluenza and the authorities probably won’t be able to get much information from him.

It seems to me that the real tragedy here could be the influence that he has on his many fans and their parents, who might worry their children could follow his influence.  Hopefully, those parents will do a better job of supervising their child and monitoring the people with whom they surround themselves.  A wealthy child surrounded by enablers instead of parents is bound to hit hard times.

The smart kids will sneak a couple and be scared to death that they’ll get caught.

UPDATE 08/13/14: Justin Bieber makes plea deal in Miami drag race case.


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  1. Bieber is the new Lohan.


  2. Very good points.

    One of the problems is here is that parents will still buy their children Bieber related products. Whether Cds, lunch boxes, apparel, or whatever and thus will send a message that this type of behavior is ok.

    There was a time when there were Hollywood or music idols that had these types of issues. But at least they had made it into their 20s before they began to manifest their lack of morals, carelessness and stupidity..

    This should be seen as a major RED FLAG.

    All the parents who have reared their children to be drawn to this type of Miley-Bieber-Lohan-Kardashian garbage entertainment and idolization club (yes, it’s the parents who have the job and responsibility of molding the children not the culture) may soon have their world’s shattered and their own problems manifesting with law enforcement, crisis pregnancy centers, and drug rehab facilities. Stop it now before it’s too late.


  3. Add to absent, irresponsible parents the fact that our society love, loves, loves to watch the rich and famous fall. A recipe for disaster.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Being the mother of three (28, 28 and 24) parenting doesn’t stop at a certain $ amount. It never stops. My parents are still concerned for my, and my brother’s, welfare. It is what families DO. (Or should do….)


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