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Ovation: Guest Post – Facebook Users Who Think Before Hitting the “Post” Button.


ovation%203I must admit it. I do have a few friends that regularly cram their size twelve boots into their mouths. They usually realize their verbal faux pas, turn a shocking shade of crimson, and embark on a campaign of profuse apologies. I can see how sorry they are, so I naturally forgive them. The real problem arises when these serial foot-suckers commit their uncensored comments to writing. Online. For the entire world to see.

And because I do not want to run the risk of perpetrating my own internet blunder, I have decided to take a different approach–celebrating the Facebook prowess of my friends who successfully avoid the dreaded online oops. Quite simply put, they think before they post.

Thank you for not embarrassing yourself or others.

I would like to give a standing ovation to my Facebook friends who have never posted a compromising photo of themselves or anyone else in the midst of a drunken stupor, passed out with their head in the loo, suffering from a wardrobe malfunction, or in the middle of some injurious mishap that is funny to those watching, but horribly embarrassing or painful to the victim.

Thank you for not being a downer.

Let’s have a “hip hip hooray” for all of my friends who realize that Eeyore is only tolerated because he is cute. These individuals know that in the real world, no one loves a downer. Thank you for keeping your posts upbeat and brightening my day. I have never once felt compelled to slash my wrists after reading your status updates, and I am grateful for this fact.

Thank you for not boring me with your kids.

GuestBloggerYes, your kids are cute and it is nice to see occasional pictures of their progress. But no one really wants to see a steady Facebook stream of baby photos or read a blow-by-blow report on their developmental progress. Your child does not really change that much from one hour to the next. So, three cheers for all of my friends who keep their cutesy kiddie shots to a minimum and know better than to bore me with the details of their potty-training regime.

Thank you for not increasing my home insurance premiums.

I would like to give two thumbs up–three if I could–to my Facebook friends who realize that only an idiot would announce the time and length of their impending vacation. Yes, these clever contacts know that criminals love to surf the net to find out about empty houses. Thank you for protecting your personal property, avoiding a hefty insurance claim, and sparing the rest of us the subsequent hikes to our premiums.

Thank you for not filling my stream with annoying “cut and paste” posts.

A special round of applause for my Facebook friends who do not “test” me to see if I will “share” their unoriginal cut and paste nonsense. Thank you for not trying to “guilt” me into copying your post about the struggling members of our society. After all, sharing one of these seemingly random posts that offers no helpful advice whatsoever will do nothing to help anyone. Also, thank you for not spreading ridiculous posts about changes to Facebook which will come in to effect unless I re-post said message. I appreciate the fact that you realize that I am not an idiot.

Quite simply put, thank you for taking the time to think before you press “post.” You are the ones that make Facebook enjoyable. For this, you deserve a hardy round of applause.

What is your Facebook stream pet peeve?


Kimberly LawsKimberley Laws is a freelance writer and avid blogger. She is a social media addict who has written a barrage of stories on social media marketing, blogging tips, and You can follow her at The Embiggens Project and Searching for Barry Weiss.

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  1. I take some issue with this. If people adhered to some sort of “Facebook code” then Facebook would probably be a very boring place.

    You don’t like those cut and paste posts? Well, others might enjoy them. And some people probably can’t get enough of seeing other people’s children on their feed.

    If you don’t like what someone has posted, then just skip right over it. And here’s some sobering news: there are probably more than a few people who don’t enjoy everything you’ve posted.


  2. Love your Eeyore comment, although, I have channeled my inner Eeyore on more than one occasion. Fortunately, my wife will bring me out of it or say something cute, “now, don’t get him started.”


  3. I think what many people forget or more likely never think about is that even Tweeting 140 characters or just posting pics (they’re worth a 1000 words each) is writing and writing is a creative act (some more than others) that really represents the writer. What I think could help a lot of people (and this was inspired by what I thought this post was going to be about) is box that pops up after you hit send and asks, “Are you really sure you want to put this on the internet for all to see and for all eternity? No one ever believes Faux apologies.”


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