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Diatribe: When A Frozen Chicken Is A Weapon Of Purpose.


I’ve always enjoyed a good murder mystery.  Not the blood and gore crap that we’ve come to find today on cable television and in multiplexes but stories that focus more on suspense than on shock.  Anything brought to the screen by Alfred Hitchcock rises to the top of my list of favorites with my number one choice being “Lamb to the Slaughter”, an episode from Season 3 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents that originally aired on April 13, 1958.  Based on a short story by Roald Dahl, the episode features a devoted housewife, played by a young Barbara Bel Geddes, who kills her husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then proceeds to feed the murder weapon to the police who investigate his death.  The concept has always fascinated me.  After all, it could really happen … right?

It almost happened last Wednesday morning when a French couple, who had been drinking, got into an argument.  As the disagreement escalated, the man grabbed a frozen chicken from the freezer and used it to repeatedly club the woman.

The next day he appeared before the court in Vesoul on charges of aggravated violence where, after hearing the details of the case, the judge deemed the frozen chicken a “weapon of purpose.”  The man, who had reportedly been convicted of violence against the woman twice before, was sentenced to twenty-four months in prison.

“That’s the way the old meatball bounces.” – Alfred Hitchcock

This particular case of life imitating art is not as unusual as one might think.  For example, last August a man in Pennsylvania beat his wife with a package of frozen beef and, in July 2012, a woman assaulted her husband with a bag of Ice Cream after catching him with his girlfriend in a Florida Walgreens.

I wonder if either of them knew that they were taking a cue from Alfred Hitchcock.


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  1. I love the Hitchcock episode plot. Of course, some of my cooking might kill someone without malintent.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    I think we have a lot of frozen ducks and geese around here that could come in handy….


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