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Ovation: The Post-It Note Art of Ivan Mardones.


MardonesIn college I was, sometimes, much better at learning from a book than from a lecture.  Sitting in a large auditorium, my mind would wander depending on the speaker and the topic at hand.  Let’s face it … some professors are boring and so are some class subjects.  One can only listen for so long to a grumpy old man talk about sound waves in a physics lecture before counting the number of bobby pins in the hairstyle of the girl in front of you becomes the height of entertainment.  I doodled.

At some point most of us have resorted to doodling.  I’ve always been a “doodler”.  As a child in church, my mother would give me one of those tiny church pencils the moment the sermon began and I would scribble on a bulletin until it I heard an “Amen”.  In high school, and throughout college, my notebooks often contained more primitive artwork in the margins than useful notes that might actually help me pass an exam.  As I entered the business world and found myself taking notes in meetings (a sign to the higher-ups that I was paying attention and intended to give the matter further thought) it was all but impossible to stop myself from drawing on my legal pads like I had done all my life.  Since no one wants to be found with little palm trees, big-eyed stick figures and cartoon monsters on their meeting notes, I learned that a few well-placed Post-It Notes on my pages provided suitable drawing space that could later be removed.  Genius, no?

Ivan Mardones makes Post-It Note doodling into masterpieces.  Using only the little yellow papers and a ballpoint pen, he creates extraordinary art.  Here are some of his most popular creations:

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While the extent of my doodling prowess only reached to Christmas Trees and tic-tac-toe, Mardones appears to excel at drawing characters and scenes from popular horror films including The Shining, Poltergeist and Jaws.

“I use post-its because I can wear them all the time with me and when inspiration comes draw something quickly.  I just do that for my friends.  Of course, I love when people share or like it, so I’ll keep doing this until people forget that exists.” – Ivan Mardones.

Creating one piece of Post-It art per day, the Spanish artist shares photos of his drawings via social media including a Facebook page.  Hopefully, he’s keeping them all and will someday have quite a collection to show.

Are you a “doodler”?  Have you ever doodled on a Post-It Note?


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  1. Very cool. I bet his refrigerator door art is terrific.


  2. Always wished I could be some master-sketcher. Although I’ve never tried to sketch on a does sound appealing somehow. Like you’re doing something naughty…those notes are supposed to be for IMPORTANT stuffs!!

    Unfortunately, I really don’t have the patience to be even a casual doodler…I’m actually far more likely to read a book during my more tedious and boring lectures, which all but ensures that I’ll hear absolutely nothing, and I won’t even passively learn anything, including the general topic of the lecture that day. LOL. God bless tape recorders. When I finally run out of ways to procrastinate, I can sit down and listen to the lecture in slightly less mind-numbing spurts until I finally make my way through it til the end.

    And then I end up just studying from my notes from the textbook anyway…so it’s no surprise that when lecture is optional, especially when it’s held at an unreasonable time, my attendance level includes test days, exam/test review days, and any day I have to hand in something that is due. Oh, yeah, and that first couple weeks of school when you think “THIS year will be different! THIS year I’m gonna be a model student!!”


    • Back in the day, “attendance” was a large percentage of our grade. We used to say that showing up was half the battle!

      Thanks for reading!


      • Yeah those classes still exist. Unless they are absolutely required to graduate, or will have the best content ever (like my vampires class… Yes I paid almost a grand in college to take a class on vampires… Can’t wait till magical monsters registration opens next year lol), I just avoid those classes all together.

        Luckily, course outlines are now posted online, and you can normally catch last year’s version before you have to register, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for! Lol

        And you’re welcome, always a pleasure!


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Post-it notes were after my time in college. Later (20 years) in grad school I developed stealth doodling. I would write with my left hand. After that got boring I would do the whole alphabet in my left hand and then do it backwards. Finally I would do the multiplication sequences. Comes in handy when I tutor math 🙂


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