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Ovation: Chicago’s Farmer’s Fridge.


FarmersFridgeEating healthy at lunchtime can be a difficult task for many, particularly those on the go, but folks in Chicagoland can enjoy quick-easy-cheap-healthy meals that include vegetables, fruits, nuts and other healthy ingredients in an unusual way.  From a vending machine.

Farmer’s Fridge doesn’t necessarily want to be thought of as a vending machine, because of their traditionally unhealthy reputation, but more of an automatic fridge kiosk filled with healthy meals providing on-the-go solutions for people who want to eat well.

The following report for Chicago’s WGN explains the operation quite well.

While there are currently only a few kiosks in the Chicago area, the idea is sure to attract the attention of health nuts and fitness buffs everywhere and could soon be seen in other major cities.  With prices comparable to popular lunch locales like Panera Bread or Bread & Co., and the ability to move to be conveniently located, I believe the healthy kiosks could quickly grow in popularity.

What do you think?  Would you buy fresh food from a portable refrigerator kiosk?


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  1. I like this very much. I hope they can give it time to catch on.


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