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Diatribe: Failure To Return “Monster-In-Law” In 2005 Results In A Night In Jail In 2014.


Kayla Michelle Finley

On a recent episode of ABC’s 1980s sitcom The Goldbergs (Season 1, Episode 13), father Murray takes younger son Adam to the local video store where the clerk won’t let them rent a movie until they pay a late fee for a video he claims they had rented but never returned.  Hilarity ensues when the VHS tape is eventually found and Murray must admit to the clerk that he was wrong and pay the late fee.

The situation was probably quite common in many households in the 1980s … long before things like Netflix  or On Demand programming were conceived … and probably just as funny.

Last week, Kayla Michelle Finley was arrested in Pickens County, South Carolina, on a misdemeanor charge of failure to return a VHS video, Monster-In-Law, that she had rented in 2005.  The movie, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda as a feuding potential daughter- and mother-in-law, was rented from Dalton Videos, a store that is now out of business.

Apparently, Finley was at the county sheriff’s office for another matter when an active warrant for her arrest was discovered.  The owner of Dalton Videos had asked a judge for the warrant years ago when the video wasn’t returned.  Finley had been sent several certified letters asking her to turn herself in.

The unsuspecting woman spent one night in jail because a bond hearing couldn’t be held until the following morning.  She was then released on $2,000 bond.

VHSRumor has it that, after renting the movie, Finley had to move out of state because of her husband’s job, she simply forgot about it and she never received any letters or she would have taken care of the situation immediately.

It seems to me that the Pickens County sheriff’s department was a bit excessive in their enforcement of the old warrant.  Considering the fact that the business that had requested it is no longer in business, and the severity of the crime being so ridiculously low.  Surely, she could have paid a simple fine and been on her way without spending time in jail.

Of course, there’s two sides to every story.  Perhaps there was an unpaid rewind fee on file as well.

UPDATE 02/23/14: Charges dropped against Kayla Finley.


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  1. And, they no longer are in business….Interesting.


  2. Barneysday permalink

    I can’t speak for that state, but in Calif, ANYONE for ANY reason can swear out a warrant with the sheriff, and said warrant is in effect until it is withdrawn or a judge dismisses it. It can hang over one’s head for years, as it appears was the case here.

    This just seems wrong.


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Not the best use of the police force resources.


  4. I think she was jailed because she RENTED ‘Monster-In-Law’ not because she failed to return it.
    JLo acting? Seriously. It’s a crime.


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