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Diatribe: A Day As Bad As Yesterday Requires An Octo-Rant.


OctoRantSome days it can be difficult to find something to complain about.  Sadly, these days don’t happen very often since there’s always traffic and politics but there are certainly good days.  Yesterday was not one of them.  There was so much foolishness happening around us that it was all but impossible to choose just one item upon which to rant.  Instead, I’ve chosen the following eight ridiculous diatribes

Right-wing media that doesn’t understand the difference between “enforce” and “defend”.  When Attorney General Eric Holder pointed out that State Attorneys General should apply the highest level of scrutiny before reaching a decision on whether to defend laws that touch on core constitutional issues like equal protection, the right-wing media went berserk claiming he said that such laws didn’t have to be enforced.  Big difference!  But why miss a chance to attack “this administration” I suppose.

Man accidentally kills himself with a gun while demonstrating gun safety.  A Michigan man who was showing his girlfriend how his handguns are safe when they aren’t loaded by holding them to his head and pulling the trigger died when the third gun he demonstrated turned out to be loaded.

BlindManA blind man in Florida got his guns back after shooting his friend to death.  John Wayne Rogers was accused of premeditated first degree murder for shooting a “drinking buddy” in March 2012 but was awarded immunity under Florida’s “stand your ground” law.  Apparently, after researching the situation, the judge could find no case law to convince him that the blind man could not have his guns back and they were, reluctantly, returned.  Ah, Florida …

Governor Jan Brewer is still thinking about whether she’ll sign or veto SB1062, Arizona’s “religious freedom” bill, which is clearly intended to allow Arizona businesses to discriminate against LGBT citizens under the guise of deeply held beliefs.  The fact that she hasn’t already vetoed the bill sends a clear message that could devastate the state’s economy.

Arizona State Senator Al Melvin surely regrets the fact that he agreed to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.  The Senator doesn’t seem to understand the law that he so viciously supports and encourages Governor Brewer to sign.

Georgia Legislature is considering a similar law.

Pat Robertson compared the Soup Nazi from TV’s Sienfeld to bakeries and florists that discriminate against LGBT customers despite laws against it.

One Million Moms whining about a Dodge Ram commercial that contains the phrase “Hell, yes” that ran during last Sunday’s broadcast of the Daytona 500.  Apparently, they’re worried that children might hear a bad word.  I’d wager that any children watching this particular program are watching it with adults who use far more colorful language.

Some days it’s very difficult to find only one item about which to rant or rave.  Sometimes it’s impossible.


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  1. “I’d wager that any children watching this particular program are watching it with adults who use far more colorful language.”
    That was EXACTLY my thought when i heard this story.
    OMM needs to think before they whine.


  2. My favorite quote about SB1062 is from Kellie Fiedorek, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

    “This bill has nothing to do with discrimination. It’s protecting basic freedoms that belong to everyone,” she said, explaining that it would protect a gay photographer’s decision not to work for Westboro Baptist Church, or Muslims who don’t want to sell “pork sandwiches on a Saturday.”

    Um…Westboro Baptist Church is in Kansas not AZ and are known to be very awful people and if I’m Muslim and work for a Christian who wants me to serve a pork sandwich on a Saturday…He can fire me as the business owner if I refuse.

    Ugh! These people give me a headache!


    • They give me a headache, too. Either they don’t understand what they’re saying or they don’t listen when they talk. I loved it when Anderson Cooper said “I don’t even understand what that means.” to Senator Melvin … bless his heart.

      As far as I’m concerned, legislation of this nature has surfaced for one reason only and that’s to legalize discrimination against same-sex couples. “Deeply-held religious convictions” have never been a political power move in the past for a very good reason … it’s not legal. If Brewer signs the bill into law, SCOTUS (they’ll call them “activists” … I hate that!) will surely find it unconstitutional.

      I seem to remember a story about a bunch of pilgrims who risked life and limb by setting off into a new world to start a life free of laws similar to this one. Fair-minded Americans can’t run away … we have to stay and fight.


  3. My daughter saw an AZ legislator being interviewed who said she failed to realize the LGBT community spent a lot of money in their state. If she had known that, she may have voted differently. She went on to say that it is the gays fault for not making it more known as the legislator did not have any gay friends. This was not an Onion piece. As you note, the state has already been harmed by passing it and the delay in not vetoing it. If it is not vetoed, people should vote with their feet and not vacation there. I would hope the NFL would pull the Super Bowl that is supposed to be there next year. I hope people are paying attention to this blatant bigotry and will remember this at the polls.


    • Dozens of big companies have called on the governor to veto the bill. What she’s waiting for is anyone’s guess. It’s becoming clear to me that Arizona politics is far more corrupt that I had ever imagined.

      Surely, the voters of Arizona will react at the ballot box come November.


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