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Ovation: Ben & Jerry’s New Core Ice Cream Flavors.


cores-landing-promoOne of my grandmothers had a bit of a reputation for keeping ice cream on hand.  I remember she always had something in her freezer for my siblings and I to snack on when we would spend the night.  She was a wonderful baker but ice cream was a big hit on a summer night when it was time to come inside after a day of playing in the yard.  She usually had either orange sherbet or a box of Neapolitan ice cream in her freezer.  She would get frustrated with us because, when we helped ourselves to the Neapolitan, we would scoop out a dish of vanilla or a dish of chocolate … “long ways” down the box … instead of scooping across all three flavors.  At the end of the weekend, when our folks came to pick us up, she would find herself with just a sliver of strawberry ice cream stuck to the side of the carton.

What can I say?  We liked chocolate and we didn’t like to “mix”.

Today’s ice cream is all about mixing.  It’s often hard to find a simple vanilla or plain chocolate.  Cold marble slab creameries will mix in any kind of cookie, nut or flavoring that a youngster can think of, combining flavors that most parents wouldn’t dream of tasting.

One of the first ice cream makers to come up with clever names for their mixtures was, of course, Ben & Jerry’s.  Plus, their ice creams are delicious!  Now, later this month, they’ll be introducing Core Flavors … four new pints that feature a column running down the middle that has a core center of fudge, caramel or raspberry jam.  They think that ice cream lovers who enjoy a sundae are tired of eating all the fudge on top first and being left with a fudge-less scoop at the bottom … so they’ve figured out a way to fix the problem.

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The pints are expected to cost about $4.39 each … far more than the buckets of sherbet that my grandmother used to buy … but will surely be worth every penny.  Those of us who don’t like to “mix” will probably be scooping out the chocolate side with the mini peanut butter cups and a little bit of fudge core.


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  1. Gotta like Grandmas. My question for Ben and Jerry is will they sell more or less ice cream this way? We would be inclined to buy several pints, but if we can get a taste of each in one, would we buy one less pint. Either way, we will be buying some flavor.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    The troops around here have different tastes in…. vanilla. I can’t eat it so I don’t have to get in the middle but it sure is hard when trying to remember who likes what. Rule is – come to the store with me if you want your favorite kind of vanilla.


    • The number of different kinds of vanilla is comical, but they really do taste different. I find that if you put enough Hershey’s syrup on them they all taste pretty much the same. 😉


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