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Diatribe: Windshield Overspray.


sprayI got my car washed today.  After a week of terrible weather that included an ice storm that kept me off the roads for two days and three subsequent days of driving on roads that were saturated with salt and brine, my car was absolutely filthy.  Of course, every car in town was in the same condition so there was quite a line at the car wash.

When I get my car washed, I always go to one of two places … a touch-less car wash that uses state-of-the-art technology to spray the dirt away and dry the car with huge blow dryers, or a place that washes and dries the car by hand.  One is quick and relatively inexpensive and the other is a much larger commitment of both time and money.

Regardless of how I get my car washed, it never seems to stay clean for very long.  It’s safe to assume that it will rain, a bird will fly overhead, a bug will hit the windshield, you’ll park under a tree or some other thing will happen that will make a newly-washed car dirty again but nothing frustrates me as much as windshield overspray from a car in front of me.

I think it’s really inconsiderate to drive a car and use the windshield washer when you know that the sprayer isn’t adjusted correctly.  If the button is pressed and the washer fluid sprays up and over the top of the car, landing on the vehicle in traffic directly behind, it is simply not functioning correctly and requires attention.  If a citation can be given for a brake light that’s not functioning correctly, I think drivers who spray washer fluid onto the car behind them should get a ticket, too.  Particularly if that car has just been washed!

Are you ever outraged by windshield overspray?


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  1. I find it comic relief. Outraged, no. I do applaud your diligence in getting the car washed.


  2. I do hate that in a funny sort of way. 98% of the time I’m seeing it happen to someone else but I do notice that those cars tend to be BMW’s and other high performance vehicles whose spray might be adjusted to function at higher speeds and whose owners are most likely clueless to those around them. Actually, if they notice at all, they probably think they’re helping by cleaning your dirty pile of junk.


  3. RockyMtnHi permalink

    I wash my windows when someone is tailgating me. Usually gets them off my bumper.


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