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Diatribe: Injecting Stuff Into Your Arms To Get Freakishly Large Biceps Is Kinda Gross.


ARLINDO-DE-SOUZA-largeI remember when men lifted weights to be strong.  Or, possibly, to be more physically fit, but not to be more attractive.  Today it seems that young men are obsessed with having six-pack abs and thin, hairless physiques.  Many spend countless hours obsessing about their bodies and their physical appearance, often at the expense of their overall health.

Men are suffering from eating disorders and undergoing cosmetic surgeries at alarmingly increasing rates.  Some resort to extreme methods to appear abnormally muscular.  Vanity is not sexist.

Brazilian bodybuilder Arlindo de Souza, known as “The Mountain, for example, isn’t as strong as his twenty-nine-inch biceps would have one believe because his muscles aren’t real.  He’s achieved his abnormal musculature by injecting a mixture of mineral oil and alcohol into his body.

De Souza, 43, wanted to become the biggest man at his local gym in Olinda, Brazil.  He had already been taking steroids, hormones and horse vitamins when a gym buddy suggested he try the injections for an extra advantage.

“The guy gave it to me. ‘Take this, it will make you grow in days.’ I loaded the syringe, put it in my arm, injected it and it swelled me up right there and then. To tell you the truth, I didn’t feel a thing. There was sometimes a bit of dizziness but nothing apart from that.  I was working out the same so my strength stayed the same … nothing changed.” – Arlindo de Souza

I’ll never understand why a man, even a professional body builder, would bulk up to a point where his muscles grew so abnormally big that he could hardly walk, sit, buy clothes or perform basic personal hygiene activities like an average man.  Surely, the desire to have an overly exaggerated physique is a diagnosable condition that’s treatable with therapy.

It’s great to work out, it’s wonderful to take care of yourself, and it’s perfectly fine to take pride in your accomplishments but when you start injecting oils into your arms it seems to me that your obsession with your body has become an addiction.  And it’s kinda gross.


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  1. Rick permalink

    Gross. I really think there is an underlying condition related to why they get that obsessed.


  2. So, he’s actually The Biggest Moron?


  3. This will not end well for the short sighted injector. He just doesn’t know it yet.


  4. When a guy’s body becomes disproportionate to the point where he looks like he has a doll’s head, that’s where I draw the line.


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