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Ovation: Candy Crush Saga Wins Big $7.6 Billion IPO.


CandyCrushSagaA few months ago, I received an invitation from a friend to try a new game called Candy Crush Saga.  She sent me a link on my smart phone, the game was easily installed, and I found the game to be a clever and somewhat entertaining method by which I could pass small bits of time.  I quickly progressed from one level to the next and, as my candy crushing skills improved, noticed that the game was growing progressively more difficult.  Eventually, I found myself playing the same level for almost two weeks.  I was determined to get all of the ingredients to the bottom!

While playing the game can be a bit frustrating at times, it is designed to happen in relatively short bursts giving the player frequent opportunities to stop game play and return another time.  In fact, unless a player is willing to spend some cash and purchase additional accessories, the game will make you wait as long as twenty-four hours before it will let you resume play.

King Digital Entertainment, the maker of the game, will turn out to be a real winner when the company goes public later this month.  The Dublin-based company has indicated that it expects to price 22.2 million shares somewhere between $21 and $24 per share meaning the company could be valued at as much as $7.6 billion!

Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded free app and top revenue-grossing app in 2013.  King has launched other games, particularly on mobile phones, so as to avoid the fate of other game makers like Zynga, the maker of the once-popular Farmville, and Finland’s Rovio who has yet to replicate the success of its Angry Birds and have seen their stocks’ prices plummet.

Me?  I’m currently battling Level 102 on my journey through the world of Candy Crush and I’m just as obsessed as I was when I first discovered it.  But if anyone asks … I’m reading the news or checking the stock market quotes.

Are you a fan of Candy Crush Saga?


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