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Diatribe: After More Than 40 Years, Bob Mackie Parts Ways With Cher.


CherAbout ten years ago I was fortunate enough to see the legendary Cher perform in Living Proof: The Farewell Tour.  It was the artist’s seventh concert tour to promote her twenty-fourth studio album, Living Proof, and was expected to be her last tour before retirement.  The concert was fantastic and the tour was a huge success, becoming the longest running ever in North America and the highest-grossing by a solo artist.  By the time it ended she had performed for more than 5.88 million fans during 326 shows.  In each of them she wore fantastic costumes designed for her by the famous Bob Mackie who has dressed her in some of the most outrageous costumes to grace red carpets, concerts, television shows and awards ceremonies in history.

Beginning next week, Cher, will once again launch a final tour before retirement.  But this time, as she approaches her 68th birthday in May, she’ll be doing it without Mackie.  The singer, who is an avid Twitter user with a large fan base of followers, shared the news that Mackie would not be involved in the tour via a multi-tweet announcement.

“Dancers costumes r gorgeous … I on the other hand have a problem.  Was putting off … telling you something that has broken my heart.  The man who made all my costumes since 1972 decided he couldn’t do my last tour.” – Cher, via Twitter.

Ironically entitled the “Dressed To Kill Tour”, Cher will be making stops throughout the United States and Canada but rumor has it she’s not quite as excited as she once was because of the sad news.

“No matter how disappointed any of u are, you don’t know my grief.  I’m sure Bob can’t know how much I miss him.  Felt I had to tell u I’m crying.  I tried to convince him to end with me, but he had many reasons as 2 why he couldn’t do it.  2 many obligations not enough time even 2 do 1.” – Cher via Twitter.

Cher has always been known for her unique and risqué fashion style but the major component has always been Bob Mackie who, she claims at 73, is simply too busy with other project and he wouldn’t be able to handle her tour designs on top of everything else.  To fill his shoes for the Dressed To Kill Tour, Cher will be relying on Hugh Durant, who has designed for her before.

Thank God I have a lovely man & wonderful designer, Hugh Durant.  He is talented & brave.  We will persevere. Hugh.” – Cher via Twitter.

I will be in the audience for The Dressed To Kill Tour.  I’ve never missed one of Cher’s farewell tours and I’ll keep going as long as she keeps saying goodbye.


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  1. Cher is an icon, like Tina. We have been fortunate to have her as one of our most vivid and evocative entertainers. I hope you enjoy the tour.


  2. Cher without MACKIE!!!!!
    CHER without Mackie!!!
    Cher WITHOUT Mackie!!!

    I need a moment, I’m feeling kind of End Times.
    Those two are such icons, separately, but together it is magic.


  3. That is kind of sad. I mean, I’m not a huge Cher fan, but all her Bob creations were fairly iconic.


  4. Sadly, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Enjoy the show.


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