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Diatribe: Skippy’s Bloody Otter Rampage.


Skippy'sHow about this weather.  Last week, it was eighty-one degrees on Tuesday afternoon and then we had snow on the ground on Thursday morning.  On Saturday, everyone was outside in t-shirts and shorts doing yard work then yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, I slipped on a patch of ice worse than we’d seen all winter long.  The wild animals in my neighborhood are just as confused as the rest of us.  The deer don’t know if they should shed their winter coats, the squirrels don’t know if they should be digging up their nuts and the birds seem to head north just to turn around again.  It’s wacky!

But not as wacky as the bloody otter rampage that took place last week at Skippy’s Fast Food in Alesund, Norway.  Patrons in the restaurant were, apparently, fled in terror when a wounded otter made its way inside.

The otter, which was suffering from a large cut on its leg and wounds on its face, presumably from an unfortunate run-in with a boat propeller, staggered into the restaurant before crawling to the middle of the floor.  The otter was breathing heavily and the restaurant’s owner was so frightened that he called police to report that a strange animal had broken in before evacuating customers.

“We did not know what kind of animal it was.  I have never seen an animal like that in my life.  I was terrified it was going to attack.” – Mohamed Rashed, Owner of Skippy’s Fast Food

The otter was, eventually, apprehended but not before biting the finger of one of the local wildlife officers who responded to the scene.  Unfortunately, the otter had to be put down because of the severity of its injuries.

I’ve always placed otters high on my personal list of World’s Cutest Animals so I’m sure I would recognize one if it came lumbering into a burger joint while I was waiting for my fries.  I’m confident that I wouldn’t “flee in terror” but it’s high time I learn how to record a video with my cell phone should my fellow diners decide to do so.

What’s your strangest animal encounter?


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  1. Wow. Ours is a fox that my dog cornered in our garage. Since we did not know if it was rabid, we were very leery, but we were able to chase it away. Scared the you know what out of us.


  2. What a story! That otter go down in history! 😉


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