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Diatribe: Road Crews That Leave Signs Behind Can Cause More Damage Than Potholes.


RoadWorkAheadThis winter has been rough on the roads.  I don’t mean it’s been a rough winter driving on the roads but the actual roads themselves appear to have suffered quite a bit of damage.  Perhaps we a Polar Vortex is to blame or, maybe, the fault lies with roadways that were poorly constructed to begin with but, in my neck of the woods, it’s hard to drive a mile without the need to dodge a pothole.

Crews in the area are working diligently to fill the pot holes and cracks before they turn into bigger problems.  These crews move along a designated route usually blocking one lane of traffic at a time in an attempt to fix as many problems as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Using warm asphalt, as you can imagine, means that they have to work quickly and their work must cool before traffic can resume in that particular lane.  In order for all of this activity to take place, a couple of signs are placed at either end of the construction zone to indicate that men are working and there is a lane closed.

This is how it should be.

But, at the end of their shift, when these crews go home for the night or the weekend, they should take the signs down!  On several occasions in recent weeks I’ve come across signs along the road alerting traffic that a lane would be ending as there was roadwork ahead, cars then worked to merge to the other side in anticipation of the closed lane only to find that there was no road construction taking place at all.  In fact, the lane wasn’t even closed.  None of the darting from one lane to the other, frequently without signaling, and merging into tight spaces needed to happen at all.

But someone forgot to take the sign down.

Clearly, as the crews move along the road, concentrating on their work and filling each hole and crack as quickly as they can while their materials are still viable, the sign that they leave behind sometimes slips their minds.  Perhaps someone should be in charge of this?  Maybe they should have an end-of-day checklist of some kind to make sure that these signs are not left along the side of the road to cause confusion all weekend long?

It seems to me that closing a lane for road construction that doesn’t exist is much more hazardous than a pothole or a crack in the pavement.

Are you seeing a lot of road construction lately?


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  1. I am just happy they fix something. In our era of budget cut backs, we sometimes forget that we do need money to pay for maintenance and invest in new roads, etc. So, I can deal with an old sign for awhile as long as the big pot hole is fixed.


  2. It’s great to see this issue being worked on, especially since road work and construction tends to be placed on the back burner throughout the U.S. Thanks for sharing!


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