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Ovation: The Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir Is HAPPY!


HAPPYWhen our kids were in elementary and middle school had to participate in an annual Christmas program.  It was, essentially, a concert that included many traditional songs and church hymns set to various stories with the intention of engaging the students.  Each grade would practice their particular portion of the program during their assigned music period during the school week for months in advance of the big night.  It was evident to most in the audience each year, which classes had a teacher who musically inclined, which class had students who were really good singers, and which class contained the most tone-deaf pranksters.

Smaller classes with talented vocalists might wait until the last minute to prepare their number.  Larger groups or those who needed to focus their time on specific subjects or standardized tests often appeared to be clearly unprepared.  Our kids complained that their class was ready to perform too early and that, because there was time, they were forced to learn “hand gestures”.

They loathed “hand gestures”.

It wasn’t embarrassing enough to stand on a stage in front of schoolmates, their siblings and the community … many of whom wielded video cameras … to sing a holiday song, the addition of the almost-dancing act of “hand gestures” was the ultimate in pre-teen humiliation.

The same cannot be said, however, for the elementary students of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir who recently recorded their rendition of Pharrell Williams’ Oscar-nominated hit, “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 … including not only “hand gestures” but perfectly synchronized choreography.

The two lead singers appear to have star quality.  I imagine they would be in the “We’re not waiting until the last minute to prepare our number” group.  I think they’d probably want to get an early start so they could rehearse again and again and make their performance just right … perfect in every way … so that they could enjoy and savor every moment that they got to spend on the stage.

Not like our kids who would try to get placed in the back row, slouch their shoulders so they couldn’t be seen and conveniently blame stage fright when they forgot some of the “hand gestures”.

Can your kids sing?


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  1. thedogs'mother permalink

    Eldest and the punk rock band occupied our basement for about four years. One day I was downstairs doing laundry when they finished a song. The lead guitarist, who was super talented but rather clueless, asked, “What was that song about?” And the other three boys yelled back at him, “Sex! (sheesh!)”. I had to work really hard not to collapse laughing.


  2. Thanks for sharing. My kids sing much better than I do. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are wonderful teachers of old music.


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