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Diatribe: Johnny Weir’s Media Circus Divorce.


weirDivorce is never easy.  While it’s a difficult time, and often for the best, it should always be a personal matter.  Sadly, celebrity divorces often become fodder for paparazzi and tabloid reporters, gossip websites and other famewhores.

Figure skater Johnny Weir recently filed for a divorce from his husband of three years, Victor Simon Weir-Voronov and bits and pieces of the drama are being slowly leaked to the tabloids via TMZ including notes about Birkin and Chanel bags, photos of alleged bite marks, a struggle over the couple’s dog and a photo of Weir’s shoe closet.

I can’t help but think Weir is using his divorce as a publicity machine to drum up attention after his stint as a commentator at the Sochi Olympics and in advance of his new job on Access Hollywood.  It’s one thing to use personal tragedy to your advantage, like others who have suffered and sold their stories for profit, but for Weir to intentionally overlook the fact this this is Weir-Voronov’s divorce as well, and like any other celebrity spouse, drag him through the headlines as well, seems terribly spiteful and mean.

Equality, right?

UPDATE 04/15/14: Weir and Voronov reconcile and split again within hours.


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  1. I don’t know that Johnny’s using the divorce for publicity, but I do know this divorce means all marriages are equal.
    Even same-sex couples can have a messy ugly break-up.


  2. I agree with Bob. Also, he kinda lacks the think before you speak gene and never edits what he says. If the media asks him, he will spill. You didn’t mention it but where you aware that his husband just dropped a domestic violence charge and the divorce filing was delayed so that it wouldn’t affect his job with the Olympics.


  3. They felt filing after would get less publicity then if they filed before.


  4. When Frank Robinson became the first African American Major League Baseball manager, he said when the first African American manager is fired for not achieving results, will we have arrived. So, to me when same sex couples start having the marital problems that opposite sex ones have, Frank Robinson’s comments could be applied here. LGBT marriages will have arrived, when the divorces became more prevalent.


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