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Diatribe: Razor Blades Glued To Playground Equipment.


razor-blades-glued--001When I was a kid playgrounds were so much simpler than they are today.  Most had a slide, three or four swings and, usually, something to climb on.  At my grade school there were several sturdy sets of swings on long chains, a very high aluminum slide that got very, very hot on sunny spring days, and a huge mound of pipes that we called the Monkey Bars.

When it came time for recess, the play area was usually occupied by children from several different grade levels at a time.  There was an unwritten law designating the swings as the area where the older kids would play and the slide was, generally, where the younger children would pass their time.  The Monkey Bars were reserved for the rough kids who would climb to the top and, basically, just sit there until the end of recess ruling over their domain.

There was always at least one bully on the playground but never anyone so twisted and cruel as to intentionally cause harm to a little one.

MonkeyBarsOn Monday afternoon, police in East Moline, Illinois, found a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment in the city’s Millennium Park after a two-year old boy was injured while with his father in the playground.  Fortunately, the boy suffered only a minor cut to his finger and was treated at home by his father but a search of the city’s fifteen other parks ensued.

Razor blades were not found in any of the other parks and police indicate that they weren’t sure how long the blades had been attached to the equipment in Millennium Park.  It is unlikely that anyone will be arrested.

Playbround bullies are not uncommon but what sort of person does something like this?  I won’t be surprised to learn that parents stop taking their kids to playgrounds because they “heard people glue razor blades to the monkey bars”.  That’s a shame because playgrounds are a lot of fun.  They’re a great place to play.


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  1. First they put them in apples at Halloween, now on playground equipment. God only knows what these devious sick minds will think of next. It can be a cruel world out there, but playgrounds should be havens of fun.


  2. Tell me this is not true. Please tell me.


  3. This just makes me sad, and pissed off, at the human race.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    I used to teach parent ed at a preschool in a sketchy area. Part of our routine was to check the playground for used needles and used condoms – relics of self indulgent behavior. This actor is in a whole different category.


  5. Dcmsurfaces permalink

    After reading the post ,I felt so unhappy. Its because the playground equipments should be very funny. So everyone can enjoyed.


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