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Ovation: Brass House From Too Many Zooz.


TooManyZoosBack in my marching band days, and even through my years performing with a college orchestra, I would often seek out empty hallways and bathrooms to practice and warm up before rehearsals and concerts.  The acoustics in the hallways of an old school, with walls usually constructed of cinder block covered with many layers of enamel or shellac and floors of shining linoleum or 12-inch tiles provided a wonderful opportunity to really listen to the sounds that my instrument was making.

I never gave it any thought, but I imagine the acoustics in a subway station are quite similar.  Too Many Zooz, an instrumental trio composed of Matt Doe on the trumpet, Leo P on the saxophone and King of Sludge on drums, frequently takes advantage of the acoustics in New York City’s Union Square subway station where they share the style of music that they call “brass house”.



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  1. Lene permalink

    They are great. Lots of fun. I like the sax player’s dancing too. Must be really loud in the subway. Looks like the passers by enjoyed them too. How fun.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    wow! 🙂


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