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Diatribe: “Noah” – Fact, Fiction or Faith … It’s Still Just A Movie.


NoahI remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out there were actually people picketing in front of movie theaters with signs urging parents to keep their children from seeing the movie.  The ever overzealous, extreme, and extremely vocal, Christian conservatives claimed that it glamorized witchcraft and the occult.

I also remember thinking “Get a grip.  It’s just a movie.”

When we were kids, we watched Wyle E. Coyote drop an enormous anvil on his head every Saturday morning but nobody worried that the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour promoted dangerous anvil dropping.  Heck, I had a Casper the Friendly Ghost lunch box and the people in my church didn’t care.

There’s a lot of fuss this week about the new movie, Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by Aronofsky and Ari Handel, that opens today.  The biblical-based epic, inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark, stars Russell Crowe as Noah and features Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Anthony Hopkins and Douglas Booth.

Apparently, Aronofsky and Handel took some liberties with the source material and it’s got the same anti-Potter folks up in arms again.  While I’m certain it’s difficult to write a script for an epic two- to three-hour-long movie based on two versus from the King James version of the Bible (Genesis 6-8), claims that their movie doesn’t depict “what really happened” are ludicrous.  Even biblical literalists would agree that they needed to add dialogue.

It’s just a movie.

Surely everyone involved in the production knew, and quite possibly hoped, that there could be controversy surrounding it. If so, they were right.  The movie has already been banned in many Middle East and North Africa countries because it is seen by the governments of those countries as contradicting the teaching of Islam.  In Islamic tradition, the portrayal of prophets such as Noah is forbidden.  There’s nothing quite like a fatwa or threats of a Christian boycott to get people talking.

But still … it’s just a movie.  It’s just a movie inspired by a story in the Bible.

I hear it’s supposed to be pretty good so, if they choose to boycott the lines could be shorter.

Will you be seeing Noah this weekend?


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  1. No, I will not be seeing “Noah”–this or any other weekend. In the south, we’re marinated in the woes of the “oppressed” christians, and I would not dream of adding to the agonies of this powerful and vocal majority by seeing a movie that would make them sadder than they already are.


  2. I won’t be seeing it, not because it might not be 100% accurate to the history book on which is based, but because I’m not interested.


  3. Count me out. First – Russell Crow. Second – I know all movies require some suspension of disbelief from the viewer but 8 people build a boat for all the animals of the world and they live to be about 1,000 years old and repopulate (just the 8 of them all 4 brothers and their wives and the brothers’ parents) the earth – that’s just too unrealistic for me.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Daughter and The Engineer might see it for the special effects. Too intense for mom.


  5. Controversy tends to promote sales of bibliical movies. I am sure The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur had their share of naysayers. Of course, when it is based on a book written by imperfect men, even when divinely inspired, I am sure these imperfect writers, translators, and interpreters of the book took poetic license and brought their own biases and understandings (or misunderstandings) to the table. In fact, King James was known for taking a few liberties in his translations. So, I look to the bible for overarching truths and lessons to live by and do not see it as word for word accurate as there is too much evidence that brings some of it in question. So, enjoy the movie. BTG


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