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Diatribe: Attaching The Wrong File To An Email Is One Thing …


ShockedThose of us over a certain age remember that people in the business world had to learn how to fold letters and other correspondence so that they would fit properly into an envelope.  There were rules that varied depending upon the size of the envelope and the paper, if the correspondence was business or personal, typed or handwritten, on letterhead or plain paper, etc.  Attaching another document was done with a paper clip or a staple and we didn’t mail anything unless we absolutely had to because it was somewhat costly.

That all changed with the arrival of email.

Today it’s amazing how many people send and receive email.  While only a few years ago it was used primarily by the business world, today it is often the most frequent form of written communication used by everyone from elementary school students to grandparents.

For some, one of the more challenging email tasks to master is the attachment of files to a message.  I, myself, have been known to compose a lengthy email and forgotten to attach an intended file but I’ve never attached the wrong file … and I’ve certainly never attached a photo of my privates like an absent minded job hunter in Dallas did last Friday.

Texas Workforce Solutions received a job application by email from a man who also attached a picture of a penis.  It’s not clear whether the applicant sent the photo intentionally or not but it did lead to charges of obscene display or distribution, a Class C misdemeanor.

“I think I know why he can’t find a job.” – Dallas police spokesman Demarquis Black

Exchanging email could soon become a thing of the past as more convenient and less time-consuming methods of communication like text messaging and voice-activated methods take center stage.  It will be interesting to see how job applicants attach resumes, and hopefully not body parts, in the future.


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  1. Yikes. However, I must add outside of the warped mind of a former New Jersey Senator who ran for NYC Mayor, when is it a good idea to send a picture of your private parts?

    When I started reading your post before I knew where it was headed, I was thinking of the scary, but powerful “Reply All” and sloppy “Forwarding” tools. We each have replied all when we meant to reply. That is a big whoops. We each have forward what we thought was an innocent email only to discover that three emails that preceded it (and are still there) were not so innocent.

    Yet, even in the sloppy forwarding, I did not see a picture of someone’s private parts. Call me old school, but they are called private for a reason.


    • I’m with you! Can you imagine finding a picture like that when you sit at your desk first thing in the morning. Of course, I’d just delete it because I’m far too lazy to call the police … paperwork, you know.


  2. I would like to suggest to all people, seeking jobs or not, perhaps we need to declare a moratorium on taking pictures of our privates altogether. I know it sounds unreasonable and all, but it might be for the best! 😀


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Yes, parts should be seen by medical personnel and your significant other.


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