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Diatribe: It’s Not Beyoncé’s Fault If Her Fans Step On You.


BeyonceI had a fantastic time at a big arena concert earlier this week.  We arrived early enough to park and avoid long lines at the entrance to the venue, where security guards were checking the contents of all the purses and bags that the ladies were carrying and watching for the most heinous of arena contraband known as “outside food and drink”, and made our way to our seats without incident.  I was surprised to see that fewer than half of the seats were occupied but, as time passed and the opening act concluded their set, the arena began to get crowded and the remaining seats began to fill.  By the time the concert was in full swing, it appeared to be a full house and everyone was having a great time.

The same cannot be said for two longtime fans of Beyoncé who filed suit on Tuesday alleging the singer is partially responsible for a rowdy crowd that “trampled” them at one of her performances last year.  Apparently Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson, who had purchased general admission tickets and paid extra for the right to stand in front of the stage for Beyoncé’s performance at Chicago’s United Center last December, were crushed by a stampeding crowd and overwhelmed with fear for their lives as they lost consciousness and experienced broken bones and other injuries when workers at the center opened a side gate to let more waiting fans approach in advance of the “Mrs. Carter Show”.

The women were eventually taken to a hospital by the Chicago Fire Department following the incident and now allege in their lawsuit that United Center, Live Nation and Beyoncé did not take appropriate measure to prevent or discourage the crowd from rushing, pushing and running once the side gate was opened.  They are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

Why these two think Beyoncé has anything to do with opening gates at Chicago’s United Center boggles the mind.  Perhaps the “undisclosed amount” that they’re seeking in damages is a fair amount for lost wages resulting from their injuries but it’s easy to assume that they’re going for a big payday when they include Beyoncé in the suit.  Unless, of course, there’s a lawyer involved who hopes for a settlement to bring the situation to a quiet close.

After our concert the other night, everyone in the audience was calm and civilized as they exited the arena.  There was no pushing and no shoving and, to my knowledge, nobody got hurt.  The parking garage, on the other hand, was a different story.

It’s not Beyoncé’s fault if her fans step on you.

Do you think Castellanos and Davidson have a case?


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  1. I don’t think they have a chance, and I’m speaking from personal experience: I tried to sue Beyoncé because at one of her concerts her wind machine blew a sequin off her body suit and it lodged in my eye.
    My suit was thrown out.

    Okay, I kid, but they still have no case.


  2. I think the managers of the event have culpability, but the artists can use their power to insist for as professional and effective crowd as possible. Was it The Who that had a concert in Cincinnati where people were trampled to death? I think the band took a lot of heat for playing on, as they were unaware of what happened. Then you have what happened at Altamont in 1969 where someone hired the Hells Angels for crowd control and while the Rolling Stones were playing someone was beaten to death. With that said, a band can have additional culpability like the band who used pyrotechnics in small venue where many were killed. The manager was definitely at fault, but so was the band. BTG


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Eldest was in the mosh pit at a local event when a very large, very drunk man started body slamming the crowd. Eldest suffered a collapsed lung and 15 days in the hospital. That set off six additional collapses and three major surgeries over the subsequent years (the most dramatic collapse when he was in South Korea). Considering his bills were north of 100k (thank you insurance) we’d have loved to sue someone, anyone! Our portion was high enough and included multiple trips to Seattle and hotel bills.
    Unless the singer’s contract said to open the front area and stuff it full of people (along with m&ms with all of one color picked out) I would say no, it is not Beyoncé’s fault.


    • Oh, no! I hope Eldest recovered and never entered another mosh pit! I’ve never been in one but I’ve been self-diagnosed as “crowdaphobic” since I was quite young.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    He actually ran a marathon in Seattle between collapses 5 and 6. It is a condition that will effect tall, skinny males and they grow out of it. At 28 we’re hoping that is the case – his chest and back are one huge roadmap of scars. Really doesn’t have much room for another one.


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