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Ovation: Why I Now Love Graham Crackers More Than Ever.


honey-maid-loveEarly last month, Honey Maid launched an ad campaign that shows real-life modern families in all their diverse glory, from gay and multiracial to rock & roll, and features the slogan “Everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family”.

“As a brand that has been a part of families’ lives for nearly 90 years, Honey Maid recognizes that while the makeup and day-to-day lives of families have evolved, the idea and importance of wholesome family connections remains the same.” – Honey Maid, March 2013.

Needless to say, there were those who twisted the advertisement’s message into an “attempt to normalize sin” and essentially claimed that the graham crackers were being baked by the Devil himself.

Religious extremists including American Decency Association and, of course, One Million Moms went off the wack-a-doodle deep end raging on about how parent company Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves, pull the liberal commercial immediately and “remain neutral in the culture war” or face the wrath of one of their boycotts.  Many of the louder conservative mouthpieces roared that there was nothing “wholesome” about the mixed-race, same-sex and single-parent families that are portrayed in the commercial and also attempted to rally their troops to do something about it.

But support for the ad campaign has far outweighed the criticism and, yesterday, Honey Maid did something new.  Instead of ignoring the homophobic backlash like most companies do, they confronted it head on with a new ad that forcefully defends their decision to include and affirm the wholesomeness of all families and beautifully turns messages of hate into those of love.

This is why I now love graham crackers more than ever.


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  1. Two comments. Honey Maid Grahams stand out as the best Graham bar none. My daughter could tell the difference in brands. But, these actions make them stand out even more. Good for them to stand up to bigotry. Well done. BTG


  2. Bravo!
    Take the hate and turn it into love.


  3. Commitment with class.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Some’Mores…… yummmm!


  5. I loved this commercial when I saw it, and I think their response to the stupid negative backlash couldn’t have been more perfect. I actually got a little choked up watching!


  6. Good for them!


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