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Diatribe Revisited: Is Jack-In-The-Box’s ‘Marry The Bacon’ Campaign Offensive To Those Fighting For Marriage Equality?


During a long-overdue and internet-free vacation with loved ones, please enjoy several days’ worth of “Best Of …” posts from the archives … an opportunity to re-share some of the blog’s most popular posts from the last three years with readers who may not have been around at the time that they were first published.  Enjoy!

Originally published on February 7, 2012, “Diatribe: Is Jack-In-The-Box’s ‘Marry The Bacon’ Campaign Offensive To Those Fighting For Marriage Equality?” still seems a bit offensive to me.

I have no tolerance for people who don’t take marriage seriously.  And, while thousands of couples across the nation fight for and dream of the day that their relationships will be recognized by the government, I think the new marketing campaign from Jack in the Box restaurants is insensitive and offensive.  The following commercial debuted during the Super Bowl and features a man that’s totally in love with bacon.

The commercial is just a part of their new advertising strategy.  They’ve also included a website where visitors can create a virtual bacon baby and buy bacon clothing.

Why aren’t the defenders of “traditional marriage” in an uproar?  Where are Maggie and Brian from NOM and why aren’t they calling for a boycott?  Where’s the outrage from advocates of marriage equality?  Watch the commercial again and let me know your thoughts.  Am I overreacting?  Or is it offensive to you, too?


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  1. I must confess, I just think the campaign is not well done and a little too inane. I take more offense at them thinking this will cause me to drive to a Jack in the Box, which I have not done in a couple of years.


  2. I tend to get offended when people get offended at poking fun at marriage. Marriage is an out of date, failed concept that has the same success rate as flipping heads on a coin. Why not use it to sell a burger that the guy is just gonna shit out 30 minutes later?


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