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Diatribe: Marijuana Vending Machines.


vending%20machineBack in my younger years, cigarettes used to be sold from vending machines in just about any place you could imagine.  A cigarette machine could be found at the entrance to almost every restaurant, bar, filling station and bowling alley.  Looking back, it seems like everyone smoked back then and it was relatively easy to buy cigarettes.

Where I grew up you were supposed to be eighteen years old before you could legally purchase tobacco products.  So high school students were, generally, too young to purchase cigarettes legally and would frequently buy them from machines when older smokers were unavailable or unwilling to purchase them elsewhere on their behalf.  Purchases from these vending machines were essentially made on the honor system … “I promise that I’m old enough to buy them legally” … so the system was abused all the time.

Guilty as charged.

I remember buying packs of cigarettes from vending machines for as little at sixty cents.  And the machine would also dispense a complimentary book of matches!  Smokers today routinely pay ten times that amount for a pack of cigarettes and many have never laid eyes on a book of matches!  Last Friday, a marijuana vending machine made by American Green called Zazzz was unveiled in Colorado.

Biometrics aside, teenagers and criminals will undoubtedly figure out a way to manipulate and abuse these machines just like the cigarette machines were abused a generation ago.  I can’t see how the pros outweigh the cons on this issue at all.

Do you think marijuana vending machines are a good idea?


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  1. thedogs'mother permalink

    Speaking from a state who is still trying to get its legal marijuana business off the ground. (Latest glitch is not allowing ‘federal waters’ to be used for irrigation and you need irrigation east of the mountains.) If we believe that coffee, tobacco, marijuana and other substances are not good for growing bodies and developing minds then we should, at least, put an adult between the kid and the purchase.


    • On my recent vacation I encountered for the first time a vending machine of sorts that dispensed wine by the glass. I studied it for the longest time and was never able to fully understand what was to stop a child from using his or her parent’s credit card to clean the place out.

      Yes, I agree, there should certainly be an adult human supervising purchases of this nature.


  2. RockyMtnHi permalink

    These machines will not be out in public. They will be inside MMJ pharmacies, where only registered patients are allowed. It’s meant for those folks who know what they need and can just go to the machine, rather than take up the Budtender’s time. Like self check out at the grocery store.


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