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Ovation: Hector Montoya Buys Smoke Detectors Instead Of PlayStation 4.


HectorMontoyaWe recently renovated our kitchen.  We had new countertops installed and, as a part of the process, emptied all of the cabinets in our kitchen.  Underneath the kitchen sink, way in the back against the wall, we found two old fire extinguishers that we’d bought years ago after a small kitchen fire.  For the longest time after our fire, we kept those fire extinguishers within arms’ reach beneath the sink and we kept fresh batteries in all the smoke detectors in our house … remembering to replace them every six months when we changed all of our clocks to adjust for daylight savings time.

Apparently, as time passed I got complacent and the fire extinguishers slowly made their way to the back of the cabinet where they became all but forgotten and I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t remember the last time I changed the batteries in our smoke alarms.

Nine-year-old Hector Montaya, from Grand Prairie, Texas, has inspired me again to take fire safety more seriously in my home.

Hector had been saving his money to buy a PlayStation 4 video game console but, after hearing about a deadly fire that claimed the lives of a mother and daughter nearby, he decided to spend his money to buy smoke detectors for houses in his community that didn’t have them.

“It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire.” – Hector Montoya, 9.

Hector was, somehow, able to buy one hundred smoke detectors with the money that he’d saved and the local fire department worked to install them as he decided to start saving again for a PlayStation.

After word of Hector’s good dead spread on the local news, strangers rewarded him with the PS4 he had originally intended to buy and an additional donation for more smoke alarms.

“Helping other people makes me feel good.  I’m making a difference by doing this, and helping everybody.” – Hector Montoya.

Surprisingly, the two fire extinguishers under our sink are still in good and operable condition.  I’ve moved them back to the front of the cabinet should I need to get to them in a hurry and I’ll be replacing the batteries in all of our smoke detectors this evening.  You should check yours, too.


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  1. thedogs'mother permalink

    Roger dodger and hurrah for Hector.


  2. Lene permalink

    What a wonderful story about this young boy doing such a great thing. I believe he will grow up to be a fine young man. He has a wonderful heart and giving spirit. Thanks for an uplifting story. I also replace my smoke detector batteries when the clocks change.


  3. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


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