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Diatribe: Don’t Try To Fool Your Mother. She’s Too Smart To Pay When You Hold Yourself For Ransom.

Zachery Lodgson

Zachery Lodgson

I’m sure my parents would tell a different story but I don’t think I was a particularly difficult child.  I got into my share of trouble but I wasn’t the rebellious sort.  I didn’t run away from home, never took money from my mother’s purse, and I never participated in any sort of vandalism or other dastardly deeds that troubled youth do in movies … but I could pout and sling attitude like nobody’s business.

My folks, of course, were wise to me.  They knew how I operated and they knew that “the silent treatment” was simply not a part of my skill set.  They also knew that, eventually, I’d realize that they had made the right decision, they’d made it out of love and that they really did know what was best for me.  They knew me so well.  Certainly well enough to know if I was faking my own kidnapping.

Twenty-five-year-old Zachery Lodgson of Knox County, Tennessee, underestimated his mother when he recently sent her a text to say that drug dealers were going to kill him if she didn’t pay two hundred dollars.  Apparently, Zachery had pulled a stunt like this before and his mother didn’t believe him.  Instead of paying the ransom, she called the police who set up a fake money drop and arrested Lodgson when he arrived to collect the cash.  He is charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest.

I long ago learned that pouting and having a bad attitude never works.  I seriously believe the old idiom “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and I try to smile at those who rub me the wrong way.

A very wise friend of mine once told me that when confronted by a particularly unpleasant person she will put on her biggest smile, look them in the eye and ask “Are you having a bad day?”

It works every time.  She’s a mother.  Mother’s know stuff.  They can’t be fooled.

Did you ever try to fool your mother?


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  1. thedogs'mother permalink

    My kids got into some creative problems but were always upfront about it. Worst was when I was called by the police who wanted to talk to Eldest about Felony Egging. Felony. Egging. I pulled Dad out of work and we all went to the police station. Turns out to be mistaken ID. Too bad Justin Bieber can’t say the same thing.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    Nice to know you never got into real trouble. Proud of you!
    Love ya


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