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Ovation: Michael Dameski.


MichaelDameskiWe joked with a friend this weekend about his reputation for falling down flights of stairs.  He has a bit of a reputation for encountering difficulty when approaching a staircase.  I’ve never seen him trip or fall but I do find myself following him just in case an opportunity to witness his claim to fame presents itself.  Of course, I’m not the most graceful individual you’ll ever meet.  My right elbow is perpetually tender.  I’ll never understand why they call it a “funny bone”.  I never laugh when I whack it against a door frame or a street post.

Michael Dameski is very VERY graceful.  When he was six years old he entered his first dance competition and made it to the top ten without any formal training.  By the time he was thirteen years old, he had been cast as one of the five Billys in Billy Elliot the Musical.  He went on to play the role for a season on Broadway before touring North America.

Last week, Michael, desperate for a place in the finale of the Austrialian version of So You Think You Can Dance performed a fantastic dance-for-your-life performance that had the show’s audience as well as the celebrity judges on their feet in amazement.

I think this young man appears to be more than a dancer.  When I watch, I see him morph from gymnast to acrobat to dancer and back again and he does it all in a very musical and artistic manner.  I can only imagine the hours and hours of practice that go into even a short performance like this.

I’d wager that Mr. Dameski’s elbows aren’t tender and that he rarely, if ever, encounters difficulty with a staircase.  I think I’ll watch again.

Are you amazed by Michael Dameski?


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  1. He is amazing but I couldn’t stop thinking how looney Abdul still is, even down under!


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    He must have been a treat to raise as a kid. 🙂 Michael, get off the top of the swing set, don’t leap from the tree fort, don’t take off all your clothes and escape out the childproof front door (oh, that one was for Youngest… actually all of them were for youngest….)

    Good luck to Michael in his future career(s).


  3. Unreal. Thanks for the introduction to an amazing talent.


  4. thehostess permalink

    He seems to defy gravity. Very beautiful…


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