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Diatribe: Sarah Palin Says Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists.


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin defended the controversial interrogation technique of waterboarding this weekend at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual meeting and even  implied that the practice would still be commonplace if she were in charge.

The cut-away in the video that shows the faces in the crowd tells a story all its own.  Those people are buying what she’s selling and they frighten me.

Not only does she condone the torture of her fellow human beings, Mrs. Palin celebrates the concept, appears to find it amusing and equates it to Holy Baptism.  It disgusts me to no end to think that half the population of the United States voted, in 2008, to elect this lunatic to be second-in-command.

“If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” – Sarah Palin

Some think she continues to lash out at Sen. John McCain as payback for not supporting her enough after picking her as his running mate in 2008.  Many conservatives are taken aback by these outlandish comments and calling them sacrilegious.  After all, in the Christian catechism, baptism is a voluntary act that can point toward eternal life which is probably not what Palin thinks waterboarding of terror suspects can accomplish.

Personally, I think she’s simply giving her audience what they want.  She’s made a career of pandering to her “fan base” and her outlandish remarks this weekend are simply a continuation of her desperate attempt to remain relevant.  Like so many of her absurd statements in the past, blathering on like this serve little other purpose.

And it still works.  She’s making headlines again.


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  1. thehostess permalink

    I love Sarah Palin. She’s a trainwreck and I can’t stop watching. I think she helps the Democrats cause a great deal by being so whacked out. I hope she picks Donald Sterling as her running mate…


  2. Her idiocy is what makes headlines, but that same idiocy brings people to her travelling carnival show and puts $$$ into the coffers of her PAC which isn’t used for any political activity than to give the Mama Grizzly Bore™ a paycheck.


  3. You might find of interest at a rally for a candidate the other day in the central plains, only 300 people showed up. I agree with the thehostess’s comment that she does more good for the Democrats than the GOP. What strikes me odd is she is referred to as Governor Palin, when she resigned from her post. When the going got tough and people were questioning her expense accounts and favoritism, this Mama Bear quit. So, saying she would condone torture to an audience that is more conservative than most, does not hold a lot of credence with more reasonable folks, especially from someone who quit her job when criticized.


    • Good points all.

      I, too, find it frustrating that they still call her “Governor Palin” when she’s not a governor. Some titles remain with an individual for life but not Governor and not when you quit.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Wonder what John McCain thought when he heard that remark? Did he consider his torture a form of religious experience?


  5. Unfortunately, playing on people’s fears and hates has always been the best way to reach mass audiences. She knows who her constituency is and gives them what they want


    • Maybe the NRA, by hitching their wagon to this particular mule as she once again portrays Christianity as a religion of hatred and violence, will lose some credibility.


  6. Maybe Sarah Palin should be strapped in a chair and forced to listen to Charles Spurgeon until she recants. (jk)


  7. I think it is called sarcasm, for the morons who can’t wait to attack Ms. Palin over something.

    And she is right. If we have a terrorist and evidence he is a terrorist then try him, find him guilty on the fast track, and then waterboard him til he spills the beans. Then drown the S.O.B.


    • … Unless you want to be Christian. Or civilized.


      • If a person is indeed a terrorist, and justly found to be so on the evidence, then it is the humane and civilized thing to force him to tell you what he knows to save lives. Because he is a terrorist, and morally responsible for killing innocent people, then he has no rights. He is a piece of meat with important info that may save innocent lives.

        If you are too “civilized” for that then just get out of the way.



        • Had Mrs. Palin spoken as eloquently as you have, she wouldn’t have made headlines. Of course, that’s her bread and butter. She knew that equating torture to baptism would ruffle some feathers.


          • I guess I am civilized as well as I find a lot to disagree with Palin and lwk2431’s comments. We have to be better than this. Where do you draw the line and how do hold ourselves up to a higher standard if we act the same way? The evidence has shown we have not necessarily had more success getting information by vile means. But, I am always open for discussion on the topic. I agree with D&O that Palin likes to create headlines for attention. I am sorry for not getting out of the way, but that is how this Independent voter feels. BTG


  8. btg5885 wrote:

    “I guess I am civilized … We have to be better than this.”

    The following quote is often mis-attributed to George Orwell, nevertheless it embeds an important truth about what makes it possible for you and others with your mindset to be “civilized” and yearn for something “better than this”:

    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.” –real source unknown

    The fact is that civilization is only possible because good men and women are ready, able, and willing to visit violence and destruction on those who would attack them and theirs. To truly be good, and to be truly civilized is to be a warrior willing to defend the good, rather than a wimp who somehow believes that nature and reality owes them the safety they have not earned.

    Just my view.




    • D&O thanks for the good post and comments. Lwk2431, thanks for your comments as well. I understand your points. In my mind, I draw a line of distinction between fighting for one’s country when needed and torturing enemy combatants. Three points. First,an independent study of post 9/11 torturing concluded that what information we garnered from torturing was not much more than what we already knew. Second, what we have done in Guantanamo and in Abu Ghraib prisons as reported on “60 Minutes” have actually fomented more terrorists making the world less safe for America, Americans and American soldiers. Third, if we expect our captured soldiers to be treated well, then we have to begin at home.

      I did not realize I was quoting someone, but understand why this would be attributed to Orwell. I feel we need to be better than this. I feel our politicians need to be better than this. Yes, we should fight like hell when we have to, but I do not feel we should torture people and especially celebrate it in speeches. I especially find the latter to be poor form, because if someone feels we must torture, we should not celebrate it. You need not respond to this, as we have taken enough of D&O’s generous time, but on this we will just have to disagree.

      Thanks again for your comments. BTG


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