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Diatribe: Mothers Who Risk Prison Terms Over Dodgeball Games.


When I was a kid we played games that required us to use more than our thumbs.  We went outdoors, gathered all the available neighborhood children and played games in our yards.  For some games, like Red Rover, we didn’t even need any “equipment”.  For others all we needed was a can to kick but, for most, there was a ball involved.  When it was time to decide which game we would play, the majority always ruled.

I hated dodgeball.

But probably not as much as Dominique Jude, 27, who faces criminal disorderly conduct charges, and could spend up to ninety day in jail if she is convicted, after allegedly attacking a twelve-year-old boy who slammed her and her son in their faces during a game of trampoline dodgeball at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Wakesha, Wisconsin, last winter.

Jude says the incident was all a misunderstanding but prosecutors don’t’ see it that way.  In the complaint, Jude is said to have grabbed the boy and yelled profanities at him before encouraging other children in the game to throw balls at his face.  She’s admitted to grabbing the boy, but said she only asked him how he’d like it if he were hit in the face with a dodgeball and insists the incident has been blown out of proportion, that the staff failed to intervene when she was hurt, that she was stunned and being overprotective of her son.

I’ve never heard of “trampoline dodgeball” but I certainly can’t imagine a situation where it would be appropriate for adult parents to throw balls at the faces of 12-year-old children.  As a child, I excelled at Red Rover but, when it came to dodgeball, I always let one of the smaller kids hit me early in the game rather than get clobbered by a better player later on.


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  1. People are wound too tight and don’t use that thing on their shoulders.


  2. I loved dodgeball when I was a kid.


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Trampoline dodge ball?? Should be kids of an age group. No adults allowed. Except a supervisor with a LOUD whistle.
    Never played it. I remember dodge ball corner when I worked at the elementary school. We were given a *booklet* of playground rules to memorize. Soooo glad I moved on to the newly awakened hormones, general mayhem and pandemonium of middle school.


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