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Ovation: LA Fitness Revokes Trainer’s Membership When They Catch Her Training Her Son.


la-fitness-logoIn an episode titled “Me and Mr. Jones” of the groundbreaking NBC comedy Will & Grace (Season 6 Episode 4, 2003), Debra Messing’s character, Grace Adler, is trying to shape up and decides to follow a woman around her gym to copy the exercises that she performs under the instruction of a trainer so she doesn’t have to pay for her own.  Later in the episode this prompts her friend Will Truman, played by Eric McCormack, to dub her “the first woman to steal exercise”.

Personal trainer Krista Grubb recently had her membership to LA Fitness gym in Palm Harbor, Florida, revoked because she was, allegedly, training people in the facility.  What appeared to be a client was, in fact, her 13-year-old son Mason Halye.  The pair claimed to have been enjoying bonding time while lifting weights and working out and that Mason had gained a lot of confidence as a result.  The club’s management, however, determined that Grubb was actually training people in their facility … a service they already provide for their paying customers.

While gym policies prohibiting outside trainers are not unusual, Grubb insists that she and her son were working out as a family, not as a trainer and client.

“It being my son and we’re working out together.  I just, it’s insane, like it’s just, it’s insane.” – Krista Grubb

GruggIt’s unfortunate that this situation will prevent the two from working out together in this particular facility but it should come as no surprise to Grubb that what she was doing was toeing the line of professional ethics.  Surely, she knows and understands that she doesn’t stop being a personal trainer simply because the person she’s working out with is her son.  I would certainly think that she knew that LA Fitness had provisions and regulations in place regarding outside trainers and she probably signed a contract agreeing to their terms.

If you’re a chef, you don’t get to bring your kid to a restaurant to teach them how to cook.  As a personal trainer herself, she should certainly understand how things work in a fitness club.

Perhaps Ms. Grubb will find another place to work out with Mason and that, when she does, they will do so more discreetly.

What do you think?  Was management at LA Fitness right to revoke her membership?


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  1. Was she receiving payment from him? Did they have proof of her training anyone else? They both paid membership fees? What else is a mother to do? I don’t agree with LA at all and there must be more to the article that’s not here for you to agree as well.


    • There’s surely more to the story. I got the impression that she was quite vocally defiant when it came to her relationship with management. Surely, they could have reached an agreement if she had approached them appropriately,


  2. Kind of a bunch of shit if you ask me. What if I”m lifting with a buddy, and he’s giving me pointers and helping me get in better shape? Is that illegal too? Should I just put in headphones and be oblivious?


    • Makes me think there’s a LOT more to Grubb’s story. I’d wager that she antagonized management to the point that they were looking for any reason to get rid of her.


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