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Diatribe: Coming Out As A Convicted Murderer On A TV Dating Show.


LuckOfTheDrawI had to stay home sick one day last week.  It was a lay-on-the-sofa-with-a-box-of-tissues day.  I curled up under a blanket with my dog and did absolutely nothing but watch television, eat a microwave meal from the freezer and try to get some rest.  Once my DVR was emptied I was quickly reminded that there are some unbelievably bad programs on television during the daytime.  There are several talk shows that feature a group of co-hosts all talking at the same time (The View, The Chew, etc.), countless opportunities to watch people cook foods that you’ll never prepare yourself (The Food Channel, The Cooking Channel) and shop for homes that you’ll never buy (House Hunters, etc.), plus there are several programs that pass themselves off as “talk shows” featuring outlandish guests that even the most creative writers couldn’t imagine on their best day of work (Maury, The Jerry Springer Show, Judge Judy, etc.).

To my knowledge, however, on that particular day there was not a dating show that featured a double murderer looking for a new wife.

Earlier this week, however, 62-year-old Sefer Calinak shocked the host and studio audience of Flash TV’s The Luck of The Draw when he casually mentioned that his complicated history with women included killing his first wife and, later, a lover.

QuestionMarkHeartApparently, at seventeen the Turkish man eloped with his cousin after the girl’s family tried to force her to marry a widower, things quickly changed, he got jealous and she ended up dead.  After serving more than four years of a thirteen-year prison term he was freed.

Calinak remarried, had two children and then separated from his second wife before he began an affair with a married woman who promised to leave her husband for him.  When she changed her mind, the couple got into an argument during which he was defending himself with an axe while standing behind a door.

“I killed her after she tried to kill me.  She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe.” – Sefer Calinak

This time he served a six-year term before being freed.

The show’s producer has reportedly stated that Calinak had acknowledged before the taping that he had murdered someone but was nonetheless allowed to appear because he had served his prison sentence.  During her interview, the host of the program eventually dismissed him although he continued to insist that he was a “victim of destiny”.

“Bad luck always found me.  In spite of everything, I still want to get married.  This time I’ll leave it to God.” – Sefer Calinak

Good luck with that.

I’m still going to store some good shows on my DVR, and learn more about On Demand, in case I ever have another sick day.


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  1. Future Dating Game questions. Bachelor #1, have you ever killed anyone? Wow.


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  3. thehostess permalink

    This weekend I watched a movie about a house that killed everyone that walked in it but your show was much scarier…


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