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Ovation: Chipotle Goes Gun-Free.


ChipotleFor all of my adult life I’ve held a very firm anti-gun stance believing that while the old adage “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” may be true, a more accurate slogan would be “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people”.  I feel that my views, however, are slowly beginning to change.  I’ll never be a gun advocate, since at the end of the day I still believe the weapons serve only one ultimate purpose, but because the pro-gun community has grown so large and so vocal I’m starting to understand an individual’s desire to protect themselves from THEM.  Many pistol-packing Americans walk the streets claiming, often in a most misinformed manner, to be exercising their Second Amendment rights.  Perhaps they feel that they are protecting themselves and their community from criminals when what they’re really doing is protecting themselves from each other.

Law abiding citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons have lived and worked among us for generations without incident.  It’s only recently that the pro-gun alliance led primarily by the powerful National Rifle Association has raised its voice in an attempt to rally and grow its membership in an attempt to thwart legislation introduced in an attempt to curb gun violence.  Now we, and our children, see more guns than ever before.  We see them in parks, in fast food restaurants, on the streets and on the highways.  “Open carry permits” appear to be more desirable than ever before.  Gun owners want the public to know that they are armed.

They think we see someone who will protect them.  Many of us see someone who could shoot us.

But not at Chipotle.

Two bad apples ...

Two bad apples …

The Denver-based restaurant chain, which has traditionally complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms, has begun asking customers to not bring guns into their stores after a group of open-carry gun activists brought military-style assault rifles into one of its restaurants in Texas over the weekend.

But in a statement Monday, the company said that “the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers.”

Other companies have addressed the issue in the past, most notably Starbucks who last year told customers that guns were no longer welcome in its cafes.  Starbucks stopped short of a ban, however, because the company didn’t want to put its employees in the position of having to ask people carrying guns to leave their stores.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. noted in its statement that “there are strong arguments on both sides of this issue” and said it hoped that customers who oppose carrying guns in public agree that “it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area.”  Until then, firearms will not be welcome in their restaurants.

Hopefully, as they grow to appreciate and understand the liability involved with potential damages resulting from the mere presence of weapons in their establishments, more restaurants and other retail establishments that do business with the general public will implement similar requests of their customers.

Those who feel the absolute need to carry a firearm should do so only with the proper training, a well-maintained weapon, and a concealed carry permit.  If it’s in a holster for all the world to see, you’re not impressing anyone but yourself and you’re probably going to frighten a child or someone’s grandmother.


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  1. Applause for Chipotle. I have written often about this issue and the NRA has everyone, including the Dems scared of them. Their grassroots efforts are distributed, so they can bring pressure on anyone who considers guns are dangerous. With access to guns so easy, people who cannot civilly disagree, will pull their weapon or go to a car and retrieve it. The guns deaths here dwarf other wealthy countries even when added together, be it a rate of deaths or total number.

    But, it is the kid deaths that occur daily that break my heart. We had yet one more last week, when a child found his Dad’s gun. It is more than a gun issue (lack of civil discourse, entertainment violence mental health, crime, etc.), but make no mistake it is a gun issue. I fault all of our leaders for lacking the fortitude to do what our citizens want per surveys – extended background checks, longer waiting periods and what the cops want – encoded bullets. The dilemma is the gun manufacturers make 31% of their revenue from ammunition.

    I also find state laws that are pushed by ALEC where you can take guns into bars or on playgrounds are about as nonsensical as any I have encountered. Mixing guns with testosterone and alcohol makes no sense whatsoever. Sorry for the rant. BTG


  2. thehostess permalink

    I grew up in Dallas and am headed there to visit family in June. I just checked where the Chipolte was, hoping it was in some hick town, but it wasn’t…it was Dallas. I can tell you that everyone I know in Dallas, and Texas for that matter, regardless of NRA or political affiliation would not bring a hand gun (or assault weapon) anywhere in public. I believe IQ is the problem here…
    That being said, there will be holy terror if my mother sees an AK47 while we are enjoying a margarita and a taco…she can kill with just her eyes.


    • It only takes one imbecile with a rapid fire weapon to slaughter a restaurant filled with innocent folks eating lunch. It’s really frightening to know that it can happen anywhere … not just a hick town … and with anyone … even your mother.


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    The two men, that I know, that have a rifle/shotgun (can’t tell the difference unless close up) for protection really needed it. Never had to be used but would have been foolish not to have access to them. That said – they never used them. The guns were up high and all kids knew they were there and never touched them. Guns were very serious and that was that.


    • “Just knowing it’s there” used to be enough. Now it seems that too many want to play cops and robbers … vigilantism by the bad apples is going to spoil it for the good gun owners.


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