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Diatribe: Unless You’re Inconsiderate And Selfish, Once You Get To The Last Window It’s Too Late To Order More Food.


drive5Surely we’re all in agreement that none of us can teach our children everything they need to know.  Most parents show them the basics, turn them over to strangers leading a classroom, sprinkle on a little bit of help with their homework and hope for the best.  They need to learn how to walk before they learn how to run and the importance of taking turns and being considerate of others.

While waiting in line at a fast-food drive-thru, I had the misfortune this weekend of meeting a woman who must have been absent from class during lessons about being considerate of others, not being selfish and the fundamental concept of waiting in lines.  As with most drive-thru services this restaurant used two windows … the first for exchanging payment and the second for delivering food.  The woman working in the first window was extremely efficient in taking orders and payments while simultaneously making change and pleasantly greeting customers as they approached her window.

The young man working in the second window had his hands full when the woman in the car in front of mine approached.  She was a customer who was not easily pleased.  She made the poor guy climb out of the building to hand her a bag and then she handed it back.  She needed more napkins so he climbed out the window again.  Then he tried to hand her a drink but she made no effort to reach for it and he had to climb out to hand it to her.  Then she wanted what appeared to be packets of ketchup.  A conversation ensued as the line behind the first window grew longer.  The gentleman went inside the restaurant and returned to talk to the driver in front of us once again.  This time she handed him some money.  Then she held out her hand with some coins in it and waited for him to climb out to take them from her.  He brought her change and, eventually, another bag of food.

Apparently, she thought it was perfectly fine for her to place a second order at the second window while a long line of cars waited behind her.  I found her to be an inconsiderate and selfish twit.  By the time we reached the second window, the food that we had ordered was already cold … except, of course, for the milkshake that had already begun to melt.  It’s safe to assume that the arrogant woman in front of us spoiled several meals.

My children are grown but had I been in the presence of youngsters I could have used the incident as a teaching aid.  “Do you see that lady?” I would say.  “Don’t be like her.  People might think you’re selfish and inconsiderate.  Try to be thoughtful and mindful of those around you.”

Have you ever had someone do this to you?  Did it frustrate you, too?


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  1. Hasn’t happened to me, but then I haven’t used a drive-thru, or eaten at a fast food place in over a decade.
    And now you’ve given me another reason to stay away!


  2. Yes and I make it a point to ask for a manager and then tell them they should manage their line better – in this instance I would have said they should have had the person pull forward. I also inform them that I’ll be calling their customer service line and I do. I get so many coupons!

    I make the effort to know my order, state it slowly and clearly and have my money ready.


  3. Yes, it is rude and not surprising. By the way, unless I am the first or second car, I don’t use the drive through anymore. Part of it is faster service – as I often see the same cars in line, if it has reasonable length. But, the other part is what I read about how much fuel we waste and fumes we exhaust waiting in these lines. So, I can get in and out reasonably quick and save some gas money and help the environment to make up for all the extra packaging of crap I just bought.


    • It’s so frustrating! Sometimes you can be the only can in line and it still takes forever. I still stand by my observation that the majority of these places serve drive-thru customers before the patrons who actually come inside for face-to-face transactions.


      • You are right about them being served first. The mental equation is how many of them are they outside versus patrons inside. Also, some fast food places are notoriously bad customer service people, so you are mal-served either place. I expect some restaurants to screw up.


  4. Rick permalink

    I prefer to go into the building. Even at Starbucks. I order black coffee so by the time I get to the window I am drinking warm coffee because they can pull mine as soon as I order.
    Wendy’s is my fast food guilty pleasure. I know my order by heart. I know I need 3 ketchup packets….It’s a quick transaction for me.


    • In either instance it seems to me that you’re still at the mercy of the customer in front of you. We can have the simplest order with cash at hand and still get stuck behind an inconsiderate boob with a special order who doesn’t reach into her purse or wallet until the cashier announced their total. Argh!


  5. thedogs'mother permalink

    I am just impressed as heck at the guy who climbed out the window several times!


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