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Diatribe: Using Silly Beards To Sell Razors.


SquirrelBeardIt seems that, lately, when it comes to men and shaving it can be one extreme or the other.  Many grooming habits that were previously only acceptable for women have become perfectly normal for men thanks to what might be called the “metrosexual movement”.  Some men don’t hesitate to groom their bodies, or “manscape”, shaving their armpits bare, eliminating their chest hair and even waxing their pubic regions … many to the point of being completely hairless.  What used to be an occupational hazard for professional swimmers and cyclists is often the norm in the bathrooms of many bachelor pads.  Be it at the request of a female love interest or a result of extreme vanity, these men don’t appear want unnecessary hair to cramp their style.

At the opposite end of the men’s grooming spectrum one finds gentleman who don’t shave at all … those who prefer a more natural albeit sometimes unkempt look.  Shaggy beards, pony tails, dreadlocks and other long-haired styles for men are seen everywhere from coffee shops to Hollywood red carpets.  But New Zealand shaver brand Schick’s latest campaign, “Free Your Skin”, encourages men to cut away at their excessive facial hair.  They claim that hipster beards have gotten out of control and many men’s facial hair has gone “feral”.  Of course, they want to sell razors so they’re using some silly photos in their campaign.

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Yes, this is clever and artistic.  But I’d wager the average man can’t carve a muskrat onto his face with a Schick razor.   The campaign subtly gets their “feral” point across but, surely, there’s somewhere between bald and sloth-faced that most men can feel comfortable.  I wouldn’t think that demand for men’s razors has skyrocketed in recent years and that advertisement like this didn’t need to happen.  Maybe guys in New Zealand aren’t shaving themselves bald as much as they are in other parts of the world?

Call me old fashioned but I think men are supposed to have some hair.  Science somehow equates hirsuteness with virility … hair with maturity.  It separates the men from the boys.  Of course, one should always take pride in one’s appearance, man or woman, and good grooming habits should never be completely ignored.

What do you think?  Are trends leading back toward or further away from hairy men’s bodies?


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  1. I just wish it would grow on top of my head. Putting sunscreen in my hair at the beach is no fun. I leave it to you ladies to decide on how much facial hair you want.


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