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Diatribe: Drunk Sexting A Cop.


KirleisMy resume reflects a time in my career during which I worked as a Freelance Photographer.  I took photos at weddings and did some portrait work as well as many images that I composed with the intention of selling them through various outlets.  I particularly enjoyed nature photography where the colors on a sunny day were at their most natural.  This was back in the days of 35mm film when each shot was carefully crafted so as not to waste film and the expense of developing it.  We didn’t snap snap snap like people do today.  And I, certainly, never took photos of myself.

It seems that, today, the majority of people that I encounter are carrying a smartphone and, consequently, a camera.  Everyone is a potential photographer and, also, a potential photographer’s subject.  Folks don’t hesitate to take pictures of themselves and they share them all the time.  But Paul Arnold Kirleis, of Marco Island, Florida, might not be sharing pictures of himself any more.

Last Sunday, Mr. Kirleis, 30, called the local police to report a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood.  An officer responded using a department-issued cell phone.  According to reports, the officer began to receive texts from Kirleis’s phone number after their conversation ended.  The texts included photos of a man in a black thong and nothing else, a photo of a man who resembled Kirleis naked, bent over, and looking back at the camera and a third photo of a man wearing lingerie in the same pose.  When officers contacted Kirleis, he admitted that he had called about the suspicious vehicle.  He also admitted that he was quite drunk and didn’t remember much else from the night.

Kirleis was charged with stalking and prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene, lewd materials.

… aka “sexting a cop”.


My time as a Freelance Photographer was short, but it served a purpose … it filled what otherwise might appear to be a gap in the employment history section of my resume.  Mr. Kirleis has added a much more interesting note to HIS permanent record.

Do you take photos of yourself?


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  1. Rick permalink

    Well, at least he is cute…… Do you just happen to have lingerie to send pictures of yourself to a COP!!!


  2. Bill Maher had former Rep. Anthony Weiner on his show last Friday night as a panel member. To me it was still way too soon for him to try and be credible again after his “lower selfies” he continued to forward. I get back to basic concept that many fail to realize just like your culprit above and the aptly named Congressman – this stuff is now recorded.


  3. I don’t text, sext or selfie, and I will use this fool as a reason why.
    He is kinda cute, but dumb is forever.


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