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Diatribe: When Beavers Attack.


4.1.1We found a spider in our house last weekend.  It was a large spider, about five inches long, and we were amazed to find it inside an empty wastebasket in a bedroom on the second floor.  It couldn’t get out of the wastebasket because it was unable to climb up the slippery slides yet it had somehow managed to climb inside and get trapped.

With family watching from a distance (at least one person behind a closed door) and shouting words of instruction disguised as encouragement, I bravely carried the wastebasket outside to dispose of the unwanted arachnid.  The spider never attacked and no one was injured.

The same cannot be said for Michael Cavanaugh, a kayaker in Upstate New York, who was recently hospitalized after being attacked by a beaver in Irondequoit Creek.  He was knocked into the water when the beaver jumped out of the creek and started mauling him, biting him on his back and arm.  Cavanaugh fought his way to a nearby dock but the beaver wouldn’t let go, so he started hitting it with a paddle until the paddle broke and the beaver finally ran off.

Cavanaugh is being treated for rabies as a precaution.

Experts say that beaver attacks on humans are rare and most are either a result of rabies or a beaver that is trying to protect its offspring.  Last year, a beaver actually killed a fisherman who tried to take its picture!

Our spider incident pales in comparison to Mr. Cavanaugh’s beaver attack but it was startling nonetheless.  Naturally, one of the pranksters in my family couldn’t help but ask after the episode came to a close … “Now, where is its mother?”

Did you know that beavers attacked humans?


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  1. There were two beaver attacks here in Virginia last year. We see them from time to time while walking at the park, but we always give them plenty of space! Rabies was suspected in these attacks, too.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Around here talk of Beavers means Oregon State University. The state whose two school’ mascots are a duck and beaver. (I guess we shouldn’t make fun of the Beavers any more). Our state has the Cougars and the Huskies. Much more dignified animals…


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