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Diatribe: Kicking Marilyn Monroe To The Curb.


monroeDuring childhood vacations, I remember driving past homesteads in the mountains where there were homes with sofas and washing machines on the front porch.  Along the interstate, we saw lots of junk cars and flower pots made from discarded tires.  If memory serves, we saw more than one Bathtub Madonna (an old bathtub standing on end and buried halfway in the ground to shield a statue of the Virgin Mary or other religious figure) on our travels.  As a child, I didn’t understand why people who lived in the country didn’t throw things away.

Where I lived, we had “garbage day” when virtually anything that we brought to the curb in the morning was magically gone when we arrived home from school that afternoon.  I’ve long since learned that it’s not that easy for everyone to get rid of unwanted items.  Many folks have to haul things off themselves, find a new use for them, burn them or even bury them.

You certainly can’t set a thirty-foot-tall stainless steel statue of Marilyn Monroe on the curb and expect it to be gone in the morning.

Recently, a giant statue of the actress was dumped at a trash collecting company in Guigang, China.  The stainless steel statue based on the famous scene from her movie The Seven Year Itch, weighs about eight tons and took several Chinese artists more than two years to create.  The enormous work of art was unceremoniously deposited at the dump for unknown reasons after being on display for only six months.

I live in an area where it’s sometimes difficult to get rid of large, unwanted items.  Fortunately for us, the man who collects our trash will take just about anything that I can fit into a plastic trash bag.  He doesn’t know it but he once carried off an old toilet from our house … after it was broken into pieces and doled out a little bit at a time over the course of a few weeks’s time.

Of course, this technique wouldn’t work for an eight-ton statue of a Hollywood starlet.

Do you have trouble getting rid of large, unwanted items?


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  1. I guess the statue went down singing “I wanna be loved by you, by you and nobody else but you….” This makes me sad in a way, to see her statue face down in the mud. As for your question, we have attics full of stuff to get rid of.


    • There must be quite a story behind this big statue. It took two years to build it, it was only on display for six months and then mysteriously dumped. Very sad and strange. I would think it’s worth quite a bit of money.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    I’m sure one of our old sofas was burnt during the UW celebration of the Super Bowl win.


  3. So nicely written…. Loved it…. They way you articulated it…. And by the way I’d be more than glad to have you read my blog… Just take a look…. I hope you’ll like it…


  4. Just an old boyfriend, but I moved and changed my name.

    Just kidding.

    or am I?


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