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Ovation: Pizza Delivery By Drone.


Dodo Pizza DroneA couple weeks ago, our neighbor was frightened by an unexpected late-night visitor and had quite a story to tell.  She’s a sweet widow who lives on a large piece of property with a long driveway.  A car that she didn’t recognize arrived and a man that she didn’t know knocked on her door just before eleven o’clock.  He startled her little dogs all of which began barking and yipping.

“There’s no one home!” she shouted through the locked door.

Eventually, the man drove away and she nervously spent the night with the lights on.

She called to ask if we had encountered a strange visitor and if it would be ok for her to call us late at night if she were ever to become frightened again.  This was the first time that she had been afraid in her home after living there for decades both with her late husband and on her own.  We all got a laugh from her response to the man’s knock on her door and told her that she was absolutely welcome to call any time.

We later learned that the man knocking on her door was trying to deliver a pizza but that he was simply at the wrong house.

This mistake won’t happen to customers of DoDo Pizza in the northern Russian city of Syktyvkar where residents can now receive pizzas delivered by unmanned drones.

“Along with one Moscow-based company we have conducted the first in the world commercial delivery via drones.  Until now many similar variants have been shown on videos, but we tried to deliver real pizza to real customers, and we succeeded.” – Fyodor Ovchinnikov, CEO of DoDo Pizza

The helicopter drone uses built-in GPS and video equipment that is monitored by the restaurant’s manager who calls the customer at the time of delivery.  When he or she sees the customer come outside to accept the pre-paid delivery, the pizza is lowered from the drone using a cable.  The drone remains high enough above the ground, approximately sixty feet, so as not to be stolen and the cable breaks loose if someone tries to tamper with the equipment.

Our other neighbor never did get his pizza that night but the neighborhood is still talking about how funny it is that she told the intruder “there’s no one home”!

Would you order a pizza or beer to be delivered by a drone?


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  1. Depends on the pizza. Some pizzas should not be delivered by any means. Of course, I am waiting for kids with super soakers to bring down the drone as it arrives and confiscate its delivery.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    Would you order a pizza from a place called Dodo ?? Don’t step in the dodo….


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    The other day the mosquito plane strafing the neighborhood. Tar ran in the house. Abby sat on the porch, ‘come on, get a little closer, I can handle this!’


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