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Diatribe: “Married At First Sight”


married_at_first_sight_coverI’ve written before about my disgust for people who don’t take the privilege of marriage seriously and the good folks at the FYI Network are giving us another reason to question the motives of those who marry for marriage sake.  Marrying a stranger probably isn’t the strangest thing people have done to get on television but when you see Married at First Sight when it premieres tomorrow night you might think it’s one of the creepiest.

The premise of the show revolves around three men and three women who have been “scientifically and psychologically” matched for compatibility and then designated as couples.  They are introduced to each other at the altar where they are married.

They go off to start their new life together and they’re giving a month to see if it’s really going to work.  If they decide that their new marriage is doomed to fail, they get a divorce.  It’s that simple.

This potentially disgusting spectacle could actually make “reality dating” shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette look like exercises in legitimate matchmaking.

In some cultures arranged, even forced, marriages have taken place for centuries.  They’ve served different purposes for different families for many generations … but they’ve never been packaged as entertainment and televised to the masses on a basic cable network that most of us have never heard of.

We’ve come a long way since The Dating Game.  Will you watch this new show?

UPDATE 06/16/15: Married at First Sight Couple Files for Divorce, Restraining Order.


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  1. No. But, there is an interesting documentary on HBO called “112 Weddings” where a wedding videographer goes back to interview couples he took footage of years later. That is worth the watch.


  2. My son just told me about that show. WTF. Seriously? TV producers have lost their collective minds.


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