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Ovation: Endless Appetizers At TGI Fridays.


TGIFI love a good happy hour.  In my younger days I used to look forward to stopping on my way home from the office to have a cocktail with colleagues one night and with friends another night at least one night each week.  I try to leave problems around the house at home and leave office drama at the office.  So, a stop on the way home allows for an opportunity to blow off steam or just have a few laughs.  Nowadays, however, I’m much too anxious to get home after a long day at the office to take off my shoes and relax with a happy hour of my own.  In either case, the snacks can make or break the event.

At home, we keep a supply of staples on hand … crackers, pretzels and a wedge of cheese … or, if we have the opportunity to plan ahead when friends can join us, we’ll bake a wheel of brie or assemble a nice shrimp cocktail.  When we go out, however, it’s a different story.  Our happy hour funds are, more often than not, reserved for beverages and not for snacks.

But, as of yesterday, happy hour revelers who choose TGI Fridays as their destination can enjoy “Endless Appetizers” for only ten dollars per person.  During the summer promotion, guests at the company’s more than 900 restaurants can choose one appetizer from the chain’s most popular starters including loaded potato skins, boneless buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks, and receive unlimited refills.  Apparently, while sharing will be discouraged, the rule will not be enforced by servers.

Happy HourI think this sounds like a great idea for a big group at happy hour that might want to pass and share a few plates of appetizers while they have cocktails and visit but many restaurant analysts doubt the strategy will lure customers during the tough summer season.  In fact, they seem to think that discounting signature brand items does nothing but reward frequent customers who are already willing to pay full price but will certainly take the bargain instead.  I sure would!

I try to avoid all-you-can-eat experiences because my eyes are much, much bigger than my stomach and in the past, like many others, I’ve found myself over-eating in an effort to get my “money’s worth”.  So odds are I won’t be visiting a TGI Fridays for a happy hour any time soon.  I’m quite confident, however, that I could do some damage to their mozzarella stick inventory after a second cocktail.

Do you think this “Endless Appetizer” promotion is something you might enjoy?

UPDATED 02/23/17: Endless Appetizers at TGI Fridays are back for good!


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  1. Problem is I would enjoy it too much, as will others. The appetizer food is high salt, high calorie, high fat doses in small bites. This may be their version of “supersize me.” So, our standing as the most obese country in the world will be secure for some time now.


    • Great point!

      I think most will agree that appetizers in bars serve only to encourage more drinking which also helps to secure that status.


      • Agreed. I lost more weight when I stopped imbibing. Of course, you need to be careful with what you replace the drinking with – less ice cream, more Italian ice.


  2. Sounds like a Salute to Obesity.
    I mean, who could have just one???


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