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Diatribe: Meth Grandma’s Tea.


teaI was a fortunate child inasmuch as I grew up in a small town where almost all of my family lived within an hour’s drive from home.  We got to visit relatives frequently and be a part of each other’s lives.  As more people follow their dreams, go away to college and leave their “nests” it seems that kids today don’t get to have that experience.  I was particularly lucky to have wonderful grandmothers … both of whom were avid coffee drinkers.

saccharinBack in the time of the percolator, it wasn’t uncommon to brew a pot at breakfast and enjoy it until it was gone.  Of course, the children were taught from an early age to keep our distance from the coffee pot because it was hot but one of my grandmothers had another reason to keep us from her coffee.  She used saccharin tablets.  This early form of sugar substitute was her way of trying to cut back on sugar and she guarded those little white pills like a Hollywood starlet trying to avoid a stay at Promises.  They were far from inexpensive and they were her guilty pleasure.  She made it very clear that they were not candy and we were never, ever to touch them.

Apparently, Cynthia Watson of Idyllwild, California, never taught her granddaughter to stay away from her coffee pot and her guilty pleasure was extremely different.  The fifty-one-year-old woman was arrested after her two-year-old granddaughter drank tea with methamphetamine in it.

One morning last week, the little girl’s mother called for help saying her daughter had not slept and was talking rapidly, scratching and she couldn’t sit still.  Later, at a hospital, it was determined that she had meth in her system.  An investigation revealed that her grandmother, who was visiting from Oregon, had made a cup of tea the night before and put meth in it to “get herself high”.  The little girl had apparently helped herself to granny’s tea when the cup was left unattended.

The little girl is expected to make a full recovery but her grandmother was held on suspicion of child endangerment.

Despite this tragic tale, memories of my grandmother smuggling her little “sugar pellets” into Denny’s will always make me smile.


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  1. JAck MArshall permalink

    this so reminds me of my grandmother, God rest here soul, She used to do the same thing, love her little white saccharin pellets……….lol


  2. Wow. Granny’s Special Meth Brew. Lovely.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Granny’s pleasures were safer than this grandma. Granny’s were her saccharin tablets, combined with a chocolate donut…..Always brings a smile.


  4. Granny’s Breaking Bad. What were you thinking would be a good question to ask?


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