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Ovation: Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” Parody.


weird-al-yankovic-teaches-grammar-in-word-crimesOne of my guilty pleasures as a teen was listening to the Dr. Demento radio show.  The broadcast originated in a Los Angeles radio station and specialized in novelty songs, comedy and strange or unusual recordings from the past to the present.  Some were so unusual that the station was told they had to be “demented” to play them and the name stuck.

Later, I continued my love of parody and novelty music when I discovered Weird Al Yancovic who received his first nationwide exposure on the Dr. Demento show.

“If there hadn’t been a Dr. Demento, I’d probably have a real job now.” – Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic

Dr+DementoIn the years since, Weird Al has sold millions of records, made thousands of television appearances, earned three Grammy Awards and eleven additional nominations without losing any of the cleverness that made a fan of me years ago.

His most recent parody video is a slap-down of bad grammar called “Word Crimes, a spoof of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” that ruled the airwaves last summer.

Being a self-appointed officer of the Grammar Police, I particularly enjoyed this video and the message that it carries.  With this parody, not only is Weird Al making his audience laugh but he might actually teach a few people a thing or two.  Let’s hope that people are listening.

Are you a Weird Al Fan?

UPDATE 07/2/14: “Weird Al” Yankovic scores Billboards first #1 Comedy Album in 51 years with Mandatory Fun.


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  1. I don’t like Weird Al.

    That said, i love that video because I am a lifelong member of The Grammar police; in fact, i think of myself as the sting of The Grammar Police.

    I am also a member of The Spelling Patrol, not to be confused with The Tori Spelling Patrol.


  2. You know, I have never been a huge of fan of Weird Al’s. After hearing the song for the first time, I may think of it as clever, but I don’t have to hear it again. To his credit, he does have a fun spirit which is needed when an artist he is spoofing gets too proud of his work.


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