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Diatribe: Don’t Buy Your Lunch At A Restaurant You Just Tried To Rob.


David Lee WarnIt’s no secret among my friends and family that I love Mexican food.  I’ve never visited a Mexican restaurant that I didn’t enjoy … and it seems like there are millions of them.  Of course I enjoy some more than others and I’ve encountered a few that I will never patronize again but, when giving the choice between a bad Mexican restaurant and a good “any-other” restaurant, I’ll choose Mexican every time.

Last Saturday, we had dinner with friends at our favorite restaurant where management and staff recognize us as regulars.  After we finished enjoying our meal, and the wonderful margaritas they serve there, our server told us that he was leaving the state and we would never see him again.  It was sad news.  I always looked forward to sitting in his station because I thought he poured the best margaritas.

Daniel Lee Warn, 28, of Costa Mesa, California, is a repeat customer of a different kind.  He was arrested last Wednesday when he tried to order food at an El Pollo Loco restaurant because employees recognized him from security camera footage taken of a burglary that had taken place just hours before.

The rThere are no bad margaritasestaurant was closed at the time of the break-in, but the surveillance video showed a man wearing a green t-shirt and a hat with a bright pink face climbing through the drive-through window and rummaging through the restaurant’s cash register in a failed attempt to find cash.

When Warn showed up to order lunch dressed in the same clothes as the person seen in the video, the restaurant’s manager called police who arrested Warn on multiple counts of burglary.  They believe he is also responsible for three other recent burglaries in the area.

Apparently, Warn is a transient who was sentenced to two years in prison just last month but was freed as part of a controversial post-release community supervision, state realignment program.

I’ll miss my regular server at my favorite restaurant but not as much as I initially thought I might.  While I’ve always thought he was fixing my margaritas just the way I like them (a little heavy on the tequila), he confessed during our last conversation that the drinks are “pre-mixed” and that all the servers carry the same drinks to every table.

The moral of this story … Don’t buy your lunch at a restaurant you just tried to rob.  Dumbass.


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  1. He was not fore-warned and with wits he was not fore-armed.


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