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Ovation: Just When I Thought Jimmy Fallon Couldn’t Get Any Cuter, He Sucked Helium With Morgan Freeman.


morgan-freeman-600Morgan Freeman is one of very few entertainers that I remember seeing on television as a child.  He, along with Rita Moreno and Bill Cosby, was one of the original stars of the PBS kids’ show The Electric Company that aired for six season beginning in 1971.  I remember learning from him as a child and I’ve heard his voice in various places throughout my entire life.

When the critically acclaimed and multiply-award-winning actor, 77, appeared on last Thursday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Lucy, costarring Scarlett Johansson, he sounded like I’ve never heard him before.

After watching Freeman sip helium on the science show Through the Wormhole, the late-night host convinced the star to do it again.

I’ve always thought Jimmy Fallon was cute as the dickens and Morgan Freeman the epitome of class and sophistication.  Now, after seeing this, I know that he’s a good sport, too, and I’m an even bigger Freeman fan.

Are you a fan of Fallon and/or Freeman?


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One Comment
  1. God, Nelson Mandela, Detectives, Civil War Hero on helium. Must have lowered that deep voice a tad. Fallon is fun.


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