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Diatribe: An Ax Through Your Windshield.


axeI work in a city that offers very limited public transportation.  Most people who work in the city, like myself, commute to and from work every day by automobile.  Traffic can be tedious but it simply comes with the territory and is a fact of life.  We work the time that we commute into our day and plan appropriately.

Recently, we had to replace the windshield on one of our cars because a rock bounced up off the road and cracked the glass.  It was quite an ordeal since the existing windshield had, unbeknownst to us, been installed incorrectly and special parts had to be ordered.  It took several weeks to fix the problem but we eventually got it taken care of.

Our second car has spots on its windshield from a mysterious spray that came from a truck that I must have been following too closely.  The spots didn’t come off the last time it rained so their removal is on my TO DO LIST for this weekend.

Yesterday, a driver on a highway north of Boston endured a windshield adventure that would have driven me to drink!

While driving southbound on Interstate 85, an ax bounced out of a landscaper’s truck and crashed through the windshield of an unidentified motorist’s car.  State police released a photo showing the ax with a corner of its blade stuck in the passenger side of the car’s dashboard and the handle sticking through the windshield.

No one was hurt but the passenger in the car was “shaken up”.  I do believe I might have wet my pants!  Can you imagine seeing that come flying toward you?!

The truck driver received a citation, which carries a two-hundred dollar fine, for failing to secure his ax.

The situation could have been much worse if the car’s driver hadn’t been obeying the speed limit.

I see things bounce out of the beds of pick-up trucks all the time, but it’s usually just pieces of trash (dang litterbugs!).  I’ve also followed landscapers’ trucks on the road before, often in a billow of leaves or amid the stench of fresh mulch, so I’ve learned to keep my distance, but it’s never occurred to me that something like this could happen!

I will never tailgate a truck again!  Will you?


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  1. Yikes. I agree, give them plenty of room. Two feet to the left from driver’s point of view and it would not have been pretty.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Glad I am home for the day. Walked past a pickup at the store with
    all sorts of stuff just willy nilly placed inside it.


  3. Rick permalink

    We had a COUPLE of incidents this weekend. We were headed out of town Friday in the Jeep, his not mine, and he was driving THANK GOD. No idea where it came from but something, we are assuming a rock, popped the windshield so hard on my side, the passenger side, that I jumped in the seat. It made a HUGE start so the windshield will have to be replaced. While it was sitting in the parking lot and we were on the boat, the car became hot enough that the popped star ran and became cracks running through the windshield.
    While we were driving HOME Sunday, we were following a Tahoe with a 2 wheel trailer carrying a riding mower. It was strapped in, but it didn’t appear to be strapped in well. We went across some rough county roads and the mower hopped right out of the trailer onto the road in front of us. Thank goodness he was cautious enough to keep falling back or we would have had a broken windshield and a damaged front end all in the course of a single weekend.


    • I was taught to keep one car length between me and the car in front of me for every ten miles per hour that I was travelling. That just doesn’t seem practical any more. You have to keep up or get run over!


  4. I don’t follow anybody too closely, but I am especially leery of pickup trucks. They often just have too much stuff in them!


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