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Ovation: BOOMF.


BOOMFI can’t keep a secret.  Long ago I determined that the concepts of deceitfulness and lying required far too much energy.  Since it’s all I can do to remember the truth it’s simply not possible for me to keep up with a sequence of fibs necessary to maintain plausibility once a single lie is first told.

I once tried to host a surprise party.  It was a surprise right up until the moment that I asked the guest of honor who they would like to be invited to the party.  (Yes … I’m that bad at it.)  I was, however, able to keep one secret … the cake at the party was pretty cool.  Everyone was surprised and delighted to see that a portrait of the guest of honor, the same portrait that appeared on the party invitations, was printed in frosting on the top of the cake.  At the time, cutting-edge technology had just begun to allow bakeries to “print” photos on sheet cakes.

Last December, Boomf was a born.  A spin-out from London’s Mint Digital, Boomf’s ambition is to leverage similar technology to let customers create personalized gifts that are fun to give or receive and delicious to boot.  Known initially as “instagram marshmallows”, Boomf makes sharing even sweeter.  In its first six months the company has sold more than two tons of marshmallows, all in individually personalized 15g squares.

Confectionery for the digital age.  Ever wish the internet was more … lickable, pokeable, sniffable?  Boomf transform your photos into multi-sensory delicacies.  Tiny pillows of fluffy, gooey, vanilla-scented yumminess.” – via

With success in Great Britain well under way, James Middleton, brother-in-law to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, who owns forty-five percent of the company, is anxious to bring the sweets to the United States.

“We’re looking at anything from biscuits to fairy cakes, to macaroons and chocolate.  But I think marshmallows are … the most fun.  It’s a collaboration of technology and food … We wanted to experiment with how we could combine the two.  We’re taking confectionery into the modern era.” – James Middleton.


James Middleton

It’s quite easy to send the personalized treats by simply uploading photos from Instagram, Facebook or a desktop.  The company offers free worldwide shipping, with a box of nine marshmallows costing about US$26 (£15).

Apparently, the company gets its name from the sound of marshmallows landing on a doormat.

I can see where it might be fun to send edible selfies or pictures of your cat to friends just for fun.  Shots of your kids might be fun Christmas gifts.  I can also see this as a great corporate gift-giving idea for companies that want to send a treat featuring their logo.

Of course, if I were to order from BOOMF, I’d probably tell my friends to expect the package … because I really can’t keep a secret.


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