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Ovation: Scott Brand’s #TossTheTube For Good Campaign.


TossTheTubeIt’s probably safe to say that every child of the seventies either had or knew someone who had a Habitrail.  The Habitrail was a series of see-through plastic tubes and cages designed for housing small pets, like hamsters or mice.  It was a modular system with many accessories and that could be connected by any number of differently-shaped “tunnels” that were intended to replicate the animals’ natural habitat.  The Habitrail was advertised as easy to clean and fun for all because you could see through its walls to watch the antics of your little animal friends.

A Habitrail Starter Kit could be had for a nominal price.  Sometimes, they even came with a free hamster.  But in order to expand your animal’s living conditions, and consequently one’s own enjoyment, kids had to nag their parents for costly “accessories” like the Revolving Sky Restaurant, a cool race car or the old-fashioned hamster wheel.  The tubes alone to connect the different cages usually cost more than the animals living there.

So we improvised.

HabitrailMy neighbor, Linda Sue, and I would desperately watch for a cardboard paper towel or toilet tissue tube to be tossed into the trash.  We would scavenge as many tubes as possible and hoard them until we could create our own tube maze using our blunt-ended safety scissors and whatever adhesive tape we could find around the house.  We spent hours and hours shoving hamsters into those tubes and trying to make them go from one tunnel to the next before we’d eventually grow tired or play time would come to an end.

They still make Habitrails today.  Of course they’re more modern and look much different.  Some kids, however, might not enjoy the fun of connecting cardboard tubes for their pets to play in thanks to Scott Brands’ #TossTheTube For Good campaign.

They claim that, each year, billions of toilet paper tubes end up in landfills and the unnecessary tube accounts for millions of pounds of waste every year.  They’re offering a coupon to consumers who pledge to remove this unnecessary waste from their homes and our landfills once and for all.  I think this is a great idea … even if it means fewer kids will be making memories with pet rodents!

My memorize of hamster and cardboard tube play time aren’t all good ones.  I remember at least one occasion when my furry little friend chewed its way through a tube to never be seen again.  I really wished I had a Habitrail that day.

Will you pay a few cents more for tubeless toilet tissue?


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